Does Your Website Have These 10 “Must Haves”?

Your website is the first place a potential client is going to go to check you out.  What are they going to find?

Go to your own website right now!  And make sure you are doing these 10 things well:

    a. You can get a simple and easy guide to getting your website at the top of the page when someone in your city is looking for a financial advisor.
    b.  Find it here… courtesy of 5Q Group.
  2. Make sure you have a clear description of what you do and what makes you different from your competition.
  3. Dude!  Make sure your website address is easy to type in!  Short and sweet is best.
  4. Be sure your navigation is easy to follow. Use drop-downs in the navigation menu if possible.  This help the visitors see the content under every heading, from any page.  Make it simple for any visitors to find what they are looking for, or what you want them to know.
  5. Make it easy to contact you.  Put it at the top and the bottom!  Don’t make them work to reach out to you. Remember, people have the attention span of a gnat.
  6. Give them a reason to contact you to further the “conversation.”  Give them a report to download… or free software… a magazine reprint… etc.|
  7. Make sure you have keywords prolifically scattered through your website.  If you do not know what keywords are… get in touch with a web master immediately.
  8. Make sure your hosting company has quality hacking prevention.  There is nothing worse than having your website hijacked.|
  9. Make sure your website has a clean and inviting look to it.  Some things to think about:
    a.  Use bullets and call out boxes
    b.  Highlight or underline key points
    c.  Use short paragraphs
    d.  Use great images
    e.  Keep the look clean with lots of white space
    f.   And don’t do it yourself… unless you are a skilled web designer
  10. Make it mobile device friendly!  More and more people are doing their online time with their phones and tablets
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Free Advertising? Heck Yeah!

What thank-you trinkets do you give your clients when they come onboard?  One that you absolutely should be giving is a cloth, designer shopping bag to bring their new materials home.  And what should be printed predominantly on the outside of the bag?

  • Your unique Elevator Speech
  • Your contact phone number
  • Your easy to remember website name
  • And your contact offer (see #6 in the previous article)

Cloth bags strike a chord with people.  They like free things, especially things they can use every day.  They are going to use this bag every time they go to the grocery store… for years!  If you take the time to craft an effective message on the outside of the bag, as outlined in the bullets above, you have created dozens of walking billboards!

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People are Busy… So Grab Their Attention with a Little Humor or a Surprise

People have short attention spans today, so you need to grab their attention immediately!  Humor and Surprise does just that.   Check out some of these classified ads that stopped people in their tracks and got them to take notice of the ad (and probably share it with a dozen people!)

  • 1 MAN, 7 WOMAN HOT TUB — $850/OFFER
  • Nice Parachute:  Never opened, used once, slightly stained
  • Free puppies: 1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 Sneaky neighbor’s dog

Bill’s Septic Cleaning – “We haul American made products.”

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How Do Prospective Clients Check You Out?

How does a prospective client decide if you are trustworthy or not?  There are a lot of ways they will do this, but the first thing they are going to do is Google you.  What will they find?

The first thing you want them to find is your website… and if your website is good, they will never have to leave it to look at other things.  If they leave, they are in the “wilderness” and you don’t know what they are going to find on the internet… good or bad.

What does a good website look like?  There is no one definition, but it should contain certain things to make it effective.  You can find what I consider the best website checklist available, at the link below.

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The Best Free Advertising You’ll Ever Get

Free… Good.  Advertising… Good.  In the news… Good.  Put them all together fantabulous!  I have had a single press release put over 100 high quality people in my seminars.  I have had press releases that had people actually stopping by my office (in person) desperate to schedule a time to meet with me.  And I have had press releases that made reporters from the BIG national magazines seek me out as an expert in their stories… and that of course created even more free advertising!

So, how do you create a press release that works?  Here are the 4 things you need to create a press release that gets business coming in:

  1. Title—First, make sure the title tells the reader what’s in it for them to read it.  Second, make sure you have a keyword in the title so people searching for that thing on the internet will find your release.
  2. Summary—Succinctly summarize in one or two sentences what your release is about.  This summary will generally be right below the title.
  3. Pictures and Video—We live in the world of YouTube and Snapchat… if you include video or images, your press release is more likely to be noticed.
  4. Call to Action—There is no sense in sending out a press release if you don’t have something you want the reader to do.  Is it to download your free report?  Look at a case study you did?  Watch a 3-minute video of your seminar (which is what I did to get 100 additional people to a seminar at no cost).  Whatever it is… tell the reader what you want them to do.

And if you want the “Big Guys” to pay attention to your Press Release… Here’s a major television network telling you how to do it:

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Here’s a Way to Get People to Call You at No Cost!

You have several Centers of Influence in your town that are eager to refer to you!  Who are they?  Bloggers!  Simply type your town name and “blogger” into Google and you’ll get several hits on bloggers in your town.  And what do bloggers need?  CONTENT!

So find their blogs… read their blogs… and figure out how you can provide value to them and their readers.  Is it a blog dedicated to mothers’ needs?  Contact the blogger and offer information on why families need to file their documents electronically… or college funding… or tax exemptions families typically miss.

Help them, help their readers!  They’ll love you for it.  You can become a regular contributor to their blog.

Bloggers have VERY loyal readers… so if you are in the blogger’s inner sanctum, you’ll soon be meeting their readers.  Cost?  $0.  High Quality prospects who reach out to you?  Priceless.

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Turn “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” Into a Very Profitable Month!

There has been more and more reporting done on the cost of health care… above and beyond what Medicare pays for, or even LTC costs.  Most experts agree out of pocket costs for health care will cost retirees between $170,000 and $270,000.

How can you capitalize on this?  Create a “Health Fair.”  Approach professionals that cater to health of seniors in your community…

  • Ophthalmologists
  • Eyeglass stores
  • Dentists and Denture makers
  • Hearing specialists
  • Health clubs
  • Bike stores
  • Running shoe stores
  • Electronics retailers to demonstrate fitness gadgets
  • Personal trainers
  • Dietitians
  • Cooking class teachers
  • Local grocery stores
  • Banks
  • Masseuses
  • Clinics
  • Chiropractors
  • Podiatrists and specialty shoe stores
  • Health food stores
  • Re-modelers that specialize on age enabling construction
  • Senior housing companies
  • Gerontologists
  • And on… and on

Put together “a fair” at one of their facilities (parking lots work great). Keeping costs low will mean more businesses will participate and in the end, your own cost will be zero.

Have demonstrations… free giveaways… classes… entertainment… free food.

Then have all the businesses advertise the event to their clientele and prospect list.  You should also prepare a press release and give all the local papers, TV and Radio stations a call letting them know about the event.

In the end, you can arrange all of this so that the monetary costs are picked up by all the companies participating.  You will have made friend with some excellent Centers of Influence and gotten in front of tons of your target market

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You Can Use the Same Marketing that the World’s Best Salesman Used (as named by the Guinness Book of World Records) … and get this—his marketing cost less than $10

This salesman’s record was verified by Deloitte and Touché and placed him at the top of all salespeople.  How did he do it?  What set him apart?  What was his secret?

It ends up he does things that you and I can easily do… and it costs a pittance.  It cost just $10 to use the exact same tool he used to become the World’s Best Salesman.

Find out exactly how he did it (and how you can do the same) in this 10-page white paper, courtesy of 5Q Group.

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An inexpensive, unique way to get prospects to take your calls

It’s hard to make a sale when nobody will take your call.  So, here’s a way to get people to smile when they find out it’s you on the phone.  Each month send out a postcard celebrating a silly or unusual day that month… and write a little note on the back.

Guys and gals, this works!  I sent out over 200 handwritten cards a month (50 a week) the year I made $1 million in income.  Hey, if a guy making a million a year has time to write out handwritten notes… guess who else has time to do it?  Hmmmm? :-)

I’ll even give you all the information so all you have to do is write the cards.  So now you don’t have an excuse, do you?  Ha!  Here is a list of the cards and the messages you could write for the next 12 months.

Here’s the link courtesy of 5Q Group:

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Get 24 High-Net-Worth guys asking to spend the day with you

How much would it be worth to you to spend an afternoon hosting 24 high-net-worth guys?  I am assuming quite a bit.  Here’s how one adviser pulled it off…

He first did research to figure out which 100 people in his town he’d love to get to know.  He then put together the following package:

  • He talked a local golf course into an incredible deal to host a golfing event for the biggest Centers of Influence in town—the golf course was super eager to attract these guys.
  • He prepared a box wrapped in nice wrapping paper.  He mailed that box in a bigger, hand addressed box to each of the targets—no one could resist opening it.
  • In the gift wrapped box he put the following:
    • A mini green jacket (like the Masters Golf Jacket
    • A card with a URL that was personalized to that person
    • At that URL (prepared with a local webmaster) was a landing page personalized for that person where they could sign up.
  • Results?
    • 24 of these 100 people attended the golfing event.
    • All of them now know the advisor (none of them knew him before)
    • All of them willingly gave him their contact information and were open to him remaining in contact with them
    • One very large client was brought on board… so far… that paid for the tourney and a very nice ROI.

A lot of work?  Yep.  But how much is it worth to get on a first name basis with the biggest movers and shakers in your town?  Start planning now!

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