Simple Way to Get Referrals

Here’s a terrific way to get a new client talking about you…AND what you do.  When a client comes on board, send a big bunch of brightly colored balloons thanking them for becoming clients—to their workplace.  No logo… no advertising… just a classy handwritten note.

Not a fan of balloons?  How about a six-foot sub?  A couple of dozen donuts?  A live chicken?  Ok…just kidding about that one! 😊

Aren’t bringing on any new clients this summer?  Why not use the same idea for a client’s anniversary or birthday?

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Excellent Whitepaper to set yourself apart from your competition

One of the top concerns for people age 55+ is health care in general… and long-term care specifically.  I’ve created a whitepaper called, “10 Secrets Your Long-Term Care Salesperson Won’t Tell You.”

You may use it for both prospecting and to build credibility.  All I ask is that you leave the “© Lakes Publishing” at the bottom of each page.  You can download it here.

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What does your envelope look like?

You should treat envelopes as mini-billboards.  It’s what people first see.  Make sure you are communicating right from that first look.  Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • I know you love the name of your company and your logo… but your client could care less about it.  With that in mind, don’t chew up too much real estate on the envelope with your name and logo.
  • You can put more than a phrase on an envelope!  Think about how you would treat a letter that arrived in an envelope with additional writing on the back, like a mini-letter?  That would look odd, wouldn’t it?  Awesome!   It means you’d pay attention and likely begin to read it.  If you begin to read… WOW!  That’s a homerun before they even open the envelope!
  • Do the opposite of above!  Use a completely blank envelope.  (Postal regulations only require identification on the envelope when non-profits are using the lower fundraising postal rate).
  • Use an odd envelope.  Different color… different size… made from different material… even a different shape.  Being different works!

If you are spending the money to mail… make sure you are leveraging every aspect of it!

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How to make sure your Whitepaper is powerful

Whitepaper expert, Gordon Graham, identified the following criteria to make your whitepaper as effective as possible:

  • It cannot be one-size-fits-all.  You must identify a single need or specific target, market and address that one need or market.
  • Do NOT put your name in the title.  This is supposed to be informational, not self-promotion.
  • Speaking of self-promotion… make sure the whitepaper is truly informational.  The job of the whitepaper is to demonstrate your authority and expertise via how great the information is… NOT you blowing your own horn.
  • Make it extremely easy for people to access your whitepaper.  Make it readily available at your office, on your website, mention it on your voice mail recording, etc.
  • Follow up when people contact you with questions on the information in the whitepaper.  I know this seems fundamental… but I wouldn’t bring it up if every advisor was doing it!  Take the time to follow up as soon as they contact you (not a day or two later).
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The Fastest Way to Bring in a Ton of Business

I brought in over $2 million, in 2 months, with this technique.  Drum roll please…

I offered my assistant 50% of the commission for any new clients they brought into the practice.  She brought in her parents, a teacher friend and a retired friend.

Here’s the funny thing.  She had worked for another advisor for 10 years, before me.   She had worked for me for 2 years… and she had never referred to either one of us.  Ah Hah!  But now that there was… not a small… but a LARGE reason to refer… magically, she did.

I’ve had backwards advisors say, “But Mike!  You gave her $60,000 in commission, that had to hurt!”

Don’t be stupid!  Who cares if she’s richer… I was $60,000 richer as well!   It was the easiest money I have ever made in this business.  Make the referral share too big to refuse!  And it will pay off for you.

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What’s Up Doc? (Here’s how to get in front of physicians)

If you have a few doctors as clients… and you are looking to bring on more, here’s a program that will help you do it!  Courtesy of 5Q Group.

Physician-Professional Marketing Program

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Interested in Getting Lucky?

There has been a lot of research done on LUCK.  According to research by the world’s foremost expert on luck (Richard Wiseman)—If you implement these Things… people become an average of 40% luckier!

  1. Prepare your mind—Chance favors the prepared mind.  It sounds stupid, but if you believe you are going to be lucky… you have a higher chance of that becoming true.
  2. Make Chance work for you—get out of your rut.  Try different things.  If you keep conducting your life as you are now… you should expect the same result.  You need to put yourself out there to allow luck to work it’s magic.  Think, act, do differently!
  3. Relax –If you are anxious or stressed… you’ll walk right past golden opportunities.
  4. The Biggest Factor… Get Connected! —It ends up the biggest factor to luck… by far… is how many connections you have; how many people you know; how many organizations you belong to… the more connections you have, the luckier you become.

Don’t just think about these things!  That’s what unlucky people do.  Make an action plan to implement these things… and start getting  lucky!

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Give Prospects the Gift that Costs 2 cents

First, I’m assuming that you mail your clients and prospects a newsletter, at least monthly.  If not, START!  The #1 reason people leave their current advisor is lack of contact.  So use contact to keep your clients… an to take your competitor’s clients!

If you want the recipients of your newsletter to wait at the edge of their seat for your newsletter each month… add two things in with your newsletter.

  1. A tip sheet, checklist or resource guide. Some examples are:
    What to pack for sun drenched vacations
        – How to profit the most from your garage sale
        – How to deduct the most from your tangible charitable gifts
        – What you should have in your safety deposit box
  2. Some sort of fun article or information that will make them smile.  My advisors and I use a little thing called, “A walk down memory lane.”  It’s a fun piece that we get tons of comments about.

These two things cost you only the cost of the paper it’s printed on, because you put them in the same envelope as your newsletter, so there is no additional postage.

What do you get from adding these items?  A ton.  First, they are not about the client’s money so it shows that we ARE NOT just about the money.  And second, it makes us memorable so when we reach out to them about an offer or service we have, all we have to say is… “Hi this is Mike the guy who has been sending you…”

They immediately recognize us and are OK with having a conversation.  This is a cheap, effective way to make your newsletters much more profitable!

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Is Your Marketing Focused on One of These Issues?

In order to get a response from your target market, you have to:

  1. First, understand their concerns… what keeps them up at night
  2. Make that concern an emotional need
  3. And, give them a simple solution

If you focus on the retiree market place, a recent study by Ken Dychtwald and Age Wave would be a good place to start.  Here’s where retirees place their concerns:

88%     Would like to have enough money for peace of mind

74%     Want investments that provide guaranteed income

73%     Want investments guaranteed to NOT lose value

72%     Are concerned about serious health problems

71%     Need help understanding Social Security and Medicare

64%     Worry about covering LTC costs

60%     Worry about NOT being a burden to the family

58%     Would like help with inheritance and legacy matters

54%     Would like to provide family with income when I die

52%     Are concerned about Health care expenses

34%     Worry about outliving money

21%     Would like an investment with the potential to provide high return, but with higher risk

12%     Would like to accumulate as much wealth as possible

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Your Best Prospect is Your Competitor’s client

Your competitor’s best client HAS money… and LIKES advisors.  They’re perfect prospect.  How do you get them to leave their current advisor and move to you?  Use the #1 reason people leave their current advisor… against them.   Read how in “The Guide to Whacking Your Competitor’s Achilles Heel.” My gift to you!

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