Your Marketing is Going to Suffer if You Are Touting Investments or Rates of Return!

Wondering how to get people to come see you… and more importantly to move their money to you?  This 49-minute video walks you through the science of what works to do both!  (Hint: Fast forward about 4-minutes into it.)

Here’s the YouTube link:

The ticket to success… it’s NOT return:

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5 Tips on How to Make a Sale… even if they won’t answer the phone!

In today’s world of cell phones and caller ID… it’s getting harder and harder to get people to pick up the phone or return your calls.  So what do you do?

While your voicemail will not sell a product, neither should your first one-on-one meeting with the client.  It is simply part of the process.  It can move you closer to a sale… much closer to a sale… if you use it right.

Here are 5 Tips to leaving an Effective voicemail:

  1. Don’t just introduce yourself or worse yet try to sell your product or service. DO…
    1. Let them know about an article they might find interesting on your website
    2. Leave them with a funny or interesting fact (think Snapple Tea caps)
    3. Let them know about a mutual acquaintance you have
    4. About an offer for a free book you have for them
    5. Or, tie a hot, current news item as to why you want to talk to them (this is an extremely effective message).
  2. Know EXACTLY what you are going to say! Don’t wing it… there is nothing worse than rambling on and then regretting your message.  Remember, you can’t pull that message back.  And keep it brief… 1-minute or less.
  3. Give them options to respond. Give them the option of calling back or going to your website to respond (you can even leave your email if it is short and simple).
  4. Please speak clearly… slowly… and repeat your contact info!
  5. Let them know that you’ll keep trying to contact them but give them an easy out if they don’t want you to continue. Inject a bit of humor here if you’ve already contacted them a few times.  Also, keep track of who you’ve left messages for and don’t contact them more than once or twice a week.
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Gut Reaction… key to getting appointments!

Go to a bakery and have them use their new technology to put your Logo or Unique Selling Proposition on a cookie!

You can use this idea to get more appointments to actually show up. You simply mail them the confirmation letter with a couple of cookies as a thank you for making and coming to the appointment.

What do you do at a trade show (Senior Expo, Local business Expo, etc.) to get everyone to come to your booth? Logo cookies.

You could drop off the cookies at all the schools in your area for a back to school treat for the teachers… along with some information about how you help teachers.

How about companies in your area? Trade groups? And the list goes on and on. A cookie is a certain way to get people to “digest” your name… and if you are creative… a phenomenal Unique Selling Proposition!

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Do it be-CAUSE it will make you both money… and feel better!

A recent study showed that decision-makers are much more likely to work with someone if that company, or professional, actively supports a cause or non-profit entity.   It is a simple measurement of… “Do they care about something other than their profits?”

What works best? Here are the issues Americans want companies to support:

  • Education 80%
  • Entities that support the poor 80%
  • Health and disease prevention 79%
  • Clean water 78%
  • Environmental protection 77%
  • Disaster relief 70%

Where should you put a mention of your support? Everywhere. Your website… your stationary… in your office… on your desk… everywhere.

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5 Key Marketing Strategies

Follow one case-study that utilizes all 5 Key Strategies for pennies… and brings in over $1.5 million in new money over 6 weeks.

You can see how they did it in this short case study called, “What If Everything You’ve Been Told About Financial Marketing is Wrong?”

Get it here courtesy of 5Q Group.

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5 Points to Success… How many are you doing?

I mentor around 10 advisors a day and I find one of the biggest hurdles they have to overcome is recognizing the difference between…


Most of the advisors I talk to are hardworking and really put a lot of effort into their practices… but when we actually walk through their 8-hour day or 40-hour work week we find that very little time was spent on productive efforts.

Instead, most of their time is spent doing things they “think” they need to get done, instead of what they “need” to get done, if they want to be more successful.  Here are the things I think you NEED to get done on a daily basis:

  1. Improve your skill level – if you just get 2% better at what you do every week… you will double your income by the end of the year.
    1. I’m not talking about trying to find a better investment or improving your investment analytical skills… those things don’t make you money.
    2. You should be improving your communication skills!  Listen to tapes of your meetings… would you work with you? How can you communicate more effectively?  If you have something people want… and you aren’t selling 100% of people… then your communication skills can still use some work.  Make sense?
  1. Specialize – figure out what makes you different… and then become the best, most expert person on the planet, about that thing.
  2. Develop your clientele – you should be working at duplicating your best clients on a daily basis.
    1. How do you get your clients to refer to you…  WITHOUT ASKING THEM!  I talked about how to do this with the Royal/Loyal system a couple of months back.
    2. Are you sending handwritten birthday cards to your best clients?  Are you hosting at least one monthly birthday lunch for your best clients?
  1. Be developing more profitable plans and techniques for YOU and your Clients – what can you do to make your practice more profitable? What new technique do you have that your clients haven’t heard about… that they should hear about?
  2. Getting face-to-face with people – take people out for breakfast and lunch.  Belong to service organizations.  And above all… figure out better, more effective ways to get yourself in front of people.  Sitting in your office waiting for referrals “ain’t gonna cut it,” if you want to be successful.  My best guys are in front of people constantly.  There are absolutely ways to do this effectively, if you are willing to put in the effort.

Are these things more difficult than reading the paper… looking for the magic pill investment… shuffling paperwork… taking long lunches… running errands for your household?  Yep, but as always…

Successful People Do… What Unsuccessful People Refuse To Do

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Little things can close the deal!

Listen to this 7-minute tape where an advisor talks about landing a large case – just by covering a couple of tiny things that most advisors miss.  Funny thing is… the people moved the entire $600,000 without even knowing what he was going to recommend (once they invested).  Now that’s something you have to hear!!!

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Awesome Summer Activity!

This is a great way to get in front of people this summer!  Watch this Coaching Call walking you through…

  • A fun and effective way to bring in new clients during summer
  • How to collect 50 phenomenal testimonials in 2 hours… that even RIAs can use! (Go to 13:51 in the video below to see how)
  • How to get Centers of Influence to finally refer you clients

Get it all in this 40-minute video courtesy of 5Q Group.

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Use This Trick Athletes Use… to Bring on New Clients Cheaply and Easily

You can easily use the same technique baseball players, tennis players and virtually every athlete uses… to close 15 to 20 new cases in the next 6 months… at an impossibly low cost.

To find out how, download your copy of “The Guide to Whacking Your Competitor’s Achilles Heel” HERE, courtesy of 5Q Group.

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Whoa… Whoa… Whoa! Don’t let them put that away!

Tax season is done… or is it?  Now is the time to approach people about their 1040’s.  You can find all sorts of benefits (tax savings) that is for your client … and for youself (new sales), in a client’s tax return.  It pays to invest your time in becoming an expert at this.  I always recommend the advisors I coach become adept at the skill of mining a 1040 for ideas… and it almost always pays off.

A few things to look for.  Are they?

  • Fully funding retirement plans?
  • Doing it correctly? (In other words to their best advantage by using one retirement plan over another)
  • A good candidate for Roth conversion?
  • A good candidate for an in-service transfer?
  • Using all their deductions?
  • A good candidate for a split annuity?
  • Using all their benefits to the largest degree possible? i.e. flex plans, HSAs, 401k’s, disability, etc.
  • Unnecessarily paying taxes on their Social Security retirement
  • Should they be doing IULs vs. their retirement plan?
  • Do they have an opportunity to offset their gains with losses?
  • Do they have large interest or dividends that could be deferred?
  • Do they have an intelligent plan in place to mitigate the taxes incurred by RMD’s?

I could go on, but you get the idea.  If you become an expert on mining 1040’s, your sales will go up significantly!  Oh, and if done right, it can generate a bunch of referrals in the process!

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