How Do You Simply Explain High Yield Risk

Have you ever had a client bring in some article or tell you that they’ve heard about some fantastic yield?  You know it’s rife with danger, but how do you explain it to them?

Here’s a great little drawing by that clients “get” immediately.Here’s how I would change it to make it even simpler.

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5 Ways to Capture Prospects Emails

Email is the easiest and cheapest way to market to your prospects but how do you get their email addresses?

Here are 5 ideas:

  1. First and foremost have an offer on your website—that could be a free book, a free report or a free trinket.  Place that offer front and center on your web page.  They’ll need to put their email address in to receive that offer.
  2. Promote your website everywhere!  On letterhead, envelopes, business card, all of your marketing pieces, your business sign on your building… everywhere.
  3. When you do a speaking engagement always have an evaluation form.  Make it clear that you would like them to fill out the evaluation form.  Tell them, “Folks, it obviously costs me some money to come and speak with you which being a smart advisor I write off for tax purposes.  Could I please ask you help?  Please fill out the evaluation forms completely so that I have proof for the IRS that I actually did spend the money to come speak with you… and not to go on a luxury vacation? J”
  4. Create an email newsletter and promote it heavily—my preference for newsletters is what I call the “church bulletin” newsletter.  What I mean by that is make it look hand made.  Most people read their church bulletin from front to back… why?  It looks simple.  It is written by someone they know… about people they know… doing things they find interesting.  What this means for your newsletter is that it should absolutely contain something personal about you or your family in every issue.  It should NOT be just about money… it should be about things that are helpful in their everyday life.  Remember they already know you know a lot.  They don’t care how much you know… until they know how much you care!
  5. Run a contest and tie the entries to providing an email address—People gladly supply their email in order to enter a sweepstakes.  The sweepstakes prize could be for dinner and a movie… a visa debit card… a free big screen tv… whatever.  Then advertise the heck out of the sweepstakes. You can collect hundreds of great emails this way.

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Have FAITH in Growing Your Business

You have lots of friends and acquaintances at your place of worship.  These are people you like and they like you. They would be the perfect client but… you don’t want to be seen as trolling for business.

There is a really easy, fun and respectful way to grow your business through your faith based community.  If this is a community that you have always wanted to approach, click here to view a free copy of my Faith Based Marketing system called the Halo System.

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Simple Drawing Illustrates that Slow and Steady Wins the Race

You know that clients are rarely served by chasing last year’s returns.  Here is a simple drawing to help them understand the importance of sticking with the plan.

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When Being Good… is Bad

We think we are doing a good job when our clients are satisfied… WRONG!  Study after study shows that satisfied clients will only stay with you – until they find something better.  That means satisfied clients leave.

Clients don’t expect good… they expect the extra mile from us.  Fortunately for you, very few of your competitors go the extra mile, which means you have an opening to take their clients.

What is your extra mile?  Every advisor says they are an IRA expert… income expert… alternative investment expert… every advisor is saying that, so you CAN’T use that angle.  What about talking about how much you care?  Sorry, every advisor says that too.

In order to stand out from all of your competitors… you must be providing more value than they are, otherwise a client will have no reason to move to you.

So figure out what your unique “value add” is and you will see your business jump!  If you would like to check out a 10-minute video on the “value add” that I and the guys I work with, use.

Click here to watch the video

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Whoa! Here’s an Easy Way to Add 3.75% Onto Your Clients’ Returns

If your clients ever want to know why paying your fees are worth it to them… Vanguard Mutual Funds gave you the ultimate proof.  A report by Vanguard called “Putting a Value on Your Value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisors Alpha” makes the case that people working with advisors will make an additional 3.75%!  Thank you Vanguard!  It makes us look like a steal to the client.

The paper illustrates that the advice of a competent advisor increases an investor’s return by:

  • Making clients “stick to the plan” an advisor will, on average, add an additional 1.5% annually to a client’s return.
  • Appropriately distributing a client’s assets between taxable and tax-protected vehicles can add an additional 0.75% a year to a portfolio’s return.
  • Paying attention to product fees can add another 0.45% to the return.
  • Regularly re-balancing a client’s portfolio adds another 0.35% annually.
  • Laying out a well thought out income (spend-down) plan can potentially add another 0.7% to the annual return.

Add those up and you get 3.75%.  So any fee we charge seems like a steal in comparison!

Click here to read the paper

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If You Haven’t Done This First… every sale is going to be difficult

The definition of conviction is: a fixed or firm belief

So how much conviction do you have for the process or product you sell?  In other words, how many of the products that you sell do you actually own?

I know a couple of huge life producers and they own tons of life insurance.  I know some big money managers and they own the platform they sell.

They believe in it.  They have conviction.

I’ll just cut to the quick.  Own what you sell or you are never going to be completely believable!

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If You Sell REIT’s or Sell Against Them… you need to watch this video

Whether or not you sell REITs this video is a must see.  If you sell REITs you need to watch this so you know what you need to be disclosing to your clients, to keep you out of trouble.

If you sell against REITs, this video gives you an armory filled with data that could get your clients and prospects thinking differently about REITs and will absolutely get them thinking differently about any advisor that has sold a REIT and hasn’t disclosed this information.

Click here to watch the video

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Testimonials You Can Use No Matter How You Are Licensed

We’d all love to use testimonials… they are powerful.  However, the rules about testimonials depend upon how you are licensed.  So, let’s just talk about the potential ways to use testimonials regardless of whether you are an RIA, registered rep or insurance professional.

Non-testimonial… testimonials

  • Here’s the best testimonial that anyone can use.  I had annual summer barbeques and winter Christmas light tours for my clients and their friends… and at all of these I took HUNDREDS OF PICTURES!
    • I then took the pictures and created “collages” or murals with them.  You can do this yourself or use one of the many services out there to do it for you.
    • The only art on my waiting room wall were these murals of hundreds of happy faces.
    • Inevitably when someone would come in they would find at least two or three happy faces that they knew… can you beat that for a testimonial?
  • I have one advisor who is writing huge business off of her “town hall” meetings where she has a guest speaker and her clients bring friends to these morning get-togethers.  She had her first $100,000 income month in large part due to the people she’s met through these client-friend attended town halls.
  • Create mini-videos on topics of interest and put them on CD’s (you can put them on YouTube as well but you need them on CD’s).   The topic could be about how bonds work… or addressing something that’s happening in the economy right now. Then give them to your clients to hand out to their friends and relatives.  This is as solid a testimonial as there is!  And will generate solid business.
  • Get quoted in national magazines (we showed you how in the December 2013 issue).
  • Make sure you have your Better Business Bureau signage up.  It’s crazy but this really gives people a good feeling about your business.

So there you go, 5 ways to uses testimonials that will work… and will pass muster regardless of the licenses you hold.

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Do this 4 days a month and you’ll start filling your practice with HNW clients

We all want more High Net Worth clients, but do you have a system to get them?  Follow this plan and by the end of the year you will see a significant bump to the net worth of your new clients.

First thing to understand is that the wealthy in your town hang out together… they know each other.  So what we have to do is insert ourselves into their circle of acquaintances.  It’s simple, but requires a bit of work.  Here’s how you do it.

Find the places that attract HNW people…

Cultural Museums, Orchestras, Zoos, Library, etc.
Medical Hospitals, Disease specific orgs, etc.
Faith-based Churches, missions, organizations, etc.
Business Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters, etc.
Alumni Your college, your kid’s college, etc.
Your city Planning committees, Issue committees, etc.
Country Club Enough said
Hobby Clubs Classic cars, model rail roads, wine, cigar, etc.

  • Join 4 organizations from four of the different categories above.  This will ensure you are getting in front of a much wider cross section of the High Net Worth community.
  • Make sure to attend at least one meeting, per month, per organization if possible.
  • Plan to meet at least 5 new people at each meeting.
  • Make sure to renew contact with all of the people you have met at previous meetings as well.
  • Keep it low key… DON’T EVER jump into a sales pitch.  Your goal is to get to know these people as people… before you look at them as possible clients.
  • However… always be ready with a killer elevator speech (which I’ve talked about in numerous previous issues of this newsletter) when they finally do initiate the conversation about what you do.  They must be the people to initiate the “what do you do?” conversation… and you must be prepared with your killer elevator speech.
  • This goes without saying… but I’ll say it anyway… always be groomed and well dressed.
  • Now think about the numbers
    • 4 monthly events… 5 new people… 12 months
    • 4 x 5 x 12 = 240 new movers and shakers a year in your circle. That equals new business and big business.

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