Whoa… Whoa… Whoa! Don’t let them put that away!

Tax season is done… or is it?  Now is the time to approach people about their 1040’s.  You can find all sorts of benefits (tax savings) that is for your client … and for youself (new sales), in a client’s tax return.  It pays to invest your time in becoming an expert at this.  I always recommend the advisors I coach become adept at the skill of mining a 1040 for ideas… and it almost always pays off.

A few things to look for.  Are they?

  • Fully funding retirement plans?
  • Doing it correctly? (In other words to their best advantage by using one retirement plan over another)
  • A good candidate for Roth conversion?
  • A good candidate for an in-service transfer?
  • Using all their deductions?
  • A good candidate for a split annuity?
  • Using all their benefits to the largest degree possible? i.e. flex plans, HSAs, 401k’s, disability, etc.
  • Unnecessarily paying taxes on their Social Security retirement
  • Should they be doing IULs vs. their retirement plan?
  • Do they have an opportunity to offset their gains with losses?
  • Do they have large interest or dividends that could be deferred?
  • Do they have an intelligent plan in place to mitigate the taxes incurred by RMD’s?

I could go on, but you get the idea.  If you become an expert on mining 1040’s, your sales will go up significantly!  Oh, and if done right, it can generate a bunch of referrals in the process!

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Are You Barking Up The Right Tree?

People love their dogs.  I mean they really, really, really love their dogs.  If you are a dog lover as well… and you want to get in front of ton of new people, consider leveraging that love.

Put together a dog fair.  Get the following to participate… it won’t be hard:

  • Veterinarian
  • Dog groomer
  • Doggy daycare
  • Pet store
  • Pet rescue organizations

See what free services they would offer to get in front of possible new customers.

Do a doggy pageant and invite local celebrities like the mayor, local restauranteurs, business icons (and other Centers of Influence… hmmm, why would this be a good idea?)  to act as judges.   But, of course you will be the “host” and do a 2-minute commercial before the pageant.

Have refreshments.   Doggy treats.  How about doggy trinkets with your firms contact info on it?  Have banners and literature about your firm available at all key locations.


Do you see how far you could take this?  And most importantly… you will meet people with which you share a passion – dogs.  Do you really think you wouldn’t find a new client or two?  And what about the Centers of Influence that you now know?  All while having a wonderful day!

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18 Page “How-To” Marketing Manual Shows How to Use the Science of NeuroMarketing to Get People to Buy From You

Neuromarketing is a new field of marketing research that studies consumer’s cognitive interaction and their response to marketing stimuli. This 18 page marketing manual walks you through how to implement it in your practice. This manual is free to you, courtesy of 5Q Group.

Frito Lay, Google, CBS and A&E have all used Neuromarketing to successfully bring on new clients… see how you can use the science to do the same for your practice!


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The Eyes have It!

I conducted an advanced training with a group of 15 of my top advisors. They all had incomes of between $300,000 to $700,000… so they were certainly no slouches. One of the exercises we did was to videotape them conducting a meeting and then evaluate them on eye contact.

They all believed they had terrific eye contact… but the videotape doesn’t lie. They had very, very little, REAL eye contact. They didn’t believe it until they reviewed the tapes for themselves.

Why is this so important?

Researchers have shown that smiling and looking into someone’s eyes is unbelievably compelling. The science journal, Proceedings of the Royal Academy reported the following study:

  • 1,000 volunteers were asked to rate a series of computer generated faces. Identical pairs of faces were doctored so that one face stared directly at the viewer, while the other gazed slightly to the left or right.
  • The faces that looked directly at the viewer were consistently rated higher in likability and trust.

Does this work in real life? I followed up with 5 of the 15 advisors that I had done the videotape exercise with and they said that it was amazing the difference it made… not in their practice… but in their lives! They said it was uncomfortable at first, but after a day or so it was one of the most empowering… and beneficial changes they had ever made to their behavior!

So, start looking them in the eye! J

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You Scratch My Back… I’ll Scratch Yours

How many dentists are there in town? How many jewelers? How many plumbers? Landscapers? Dry Cleaners?


You can do business with whoever you want, can’t you? How many of those people have you asked to return the business you give them… back to you? Get to know as many business owners and operators as you can in town. Make sure they see you… hear you… are aware of you. You want them to know that you are spending money with them.

Then, ask for just 30-minutes of their time and you show them how you can help them. If they can’t spare 30-miuutes of their time, you politely (and pleasantly) let them know that you’ll be taking your business elsewhere.

If you feel this is too aggressive, then simply ask for their email and start dripping on them. Whatever you do, “start to be seen” by the people you do business with and leverage the dollars you are spending. If you don’t… another advisor will! Be the first!

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What’s Your Modus Operandi?

Want more spare time?  Want fewer mistakes?  It was proven three years ago that when the most highly trained professionals in this country (surgeons) started using checklists, mistakes and accidental deaths both dropped by ½…  And surgery times plummeted.  

Now of course surgeons bucked this at first… “I don’t need no stinking checklist!” 

But of course, the results proved that they did.  So, what kind of checklists do you have in your office?  Here’s an example of the types of checklists that can make your life much easier and more profitable:

  • New client onboarding checklist
  • Money transfer flow chart
  • Beneficiary checklist
  • Annual client review checklist
  • And on… and on

Also, having checklists like these makes hiring and training staff infinitely easier (and nothing throws an advisor into a tailspin like losing an assistant… now that’s a whole other article)!

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Want to Write A Lot More Business Next week… than you did this week? Do these 2 simple things.

For years Selling, Telling, Preaching and Teaching has helped salespeople make a living.  And if you want to just “make a living” I guess you can continue to run your meetings that way.  However, if you are ready to really become a high earning professional, you need to stop doing all the talking!

The more money somebody has… the less they want you to TELL THEM what they should do… or what they don’t know.  They want to be the captain.  If you want your ticket size to go up, you must work on your skill of asking questions to let them discover, for themselves, that your recommendations fit their situation.  Telling them… makes them resist.

So what are the two things you need to do for instantaneous increase in income?  

  1. Quit telling people and instead ask questions so they tell you the exact point you wanted to make.  When they make the point for you… they are comfortable… and they own it.
  2. Step two – record your meetings.  Find out how much talking you are doing, versus the client.  If it is not at least ½ and ½, you are going to struggle to get new people, with lots of money, to give you more than a pittance of it.

Any advisor I’ve coached that has done these two things has seen an instant increase of ticket size.

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Caution: To clarify… this is not the same recycled BS that every Guru brings up on the topic of referrals.

How would you like to bring in 50 high quality referrals a year?  The Royal-Loyal system does just that.  It requires some work… but very little money… to get you in front of the best possible prospects… your clients’ referrals. 

Download the system HERE, courtesy of 5Q Group.

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Get Your Dentist to Refer a Bunch of People to You!

I know an advisor that created a phenomenal referral network.  As with anything worth doing… it took some elbow grease, but it was well worth it!

He sat down and put together a list of 10 professionals in his small city that he knew and respected.  He sent them a letter, and then followed up by phone suggesting that they put together a “Top 100″ book for their city.  It would list contact information for the city’s top service providers for a number of different professions.

The ticket in for this top listing was for each to find another 10 professionals to be in the book.  He then created a nice directory book for each of the “Top 100″ and a website that featured all of the members.  The cost was shared among all 100 top members… it ended up being a pittance because one member was a printer and the other a web designer! 

The entire group promoted the program and the directory.  They also made direct referrals to each other.  This worked so well that many members reported not having to do any other marketing… And do you want to guess how many financial advisors were in the “Top 100″ directory?  Yep.  One.

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This Prospect Will Make You a Ton in 2015 (Hint: They are all around you!)

Crappy prospects… plate lickers and tire kickers… people with plenty of money but they love their advisors… Do-it-Yourselfers…


The day you learn the trick to turning these crappy prospects into your clients… with all of their money… is the day your practice makes a radical shift towards putting you into the top 5% of all advisors.  This 6-minute video tells you how… it’s simple… but not necessarily easy… that said, more than 200 advisors have been able to see their income triple within 18 months by following this approach.

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