Turn “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” Into a Very Profitable Month!

There has been more and more reporting done on the cost of health care… above and beyond what Medicare pays for, or even LTC costs.  Most experts agree out of pocket costs for health care will cost retirees between $170,000 and $270,000.

How can you capitalize on this?  Create a “Health Fair.”  Approach professionals that cater to health of seniors in your community…

  • Ophthalmologists
  • Eyeglass stores
  • Dentists and Denture makers
  • Hearing specialists
  • Health clubs
  • Bike stores
  • Running shoe stores
  • Electronics retailers to demonstrate fitness gadgets
  • Personal trainers
  • Dietitians
  • Cooking class teachers
  • Local grocery stores
  • Banks
  • Masseuses
  • Clinics
  • Chiropractors
  • Podiatrists and specialty shoe stores
  • Health food stores
  • Re-modelers that specialize on age enabling construction
  • Senior housing companies
  • Gerontologists
  • And on… and on

Put together “a fair” at one of their facilities (parking lots work great). Keeping costs low will mean more businesses will participate and in the end, your own cost will be zero.

Have demonstrations… free giveaways… classes… entertainment… free food.

Then have all the businesses advertise the event to their clientele and prospect list.  You should also prepare a press release and give all the local papers, TV and Radio stations a call letting them know about the event.

In the end, you can arrange all of this so that the monetary costs are picked up by all the companies participating.  You will have made friend with some excellent Centers of Influence and gotten in front of tons of your target market

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You Can Use the Same Marketing that the World’s Best Salesman Used (as named by the Guinness Book of World Records) … and get this—his marketing cost less than $10

This salesman’s record was verified by Deloitte and Touché and placed him at the top of all salespeople.  How did he do it?  What set him apart?  What was his secret?

It ends up he does things that you and I can easily do… and it costs a pittance.  It cost just $10 to use the exact same tool he used to become the World’s Best Salesman.

Find out exactly how he did it (and how you can do the same) in this 10-page white paper, courtesy of 5Q Group.

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An inexpensive, unique way to get prospects to take your calls

It’s hard to make a sale when nobody will take your call.  So, here’s a way to get people to smile when they find out it’s you on the phone.  Each month send out a postcard celebrating a silly or unusual day that month… and write a little note on the back.

Guys and gals, this works!  I sent out over 200 handwritten cards a month (50 a week) the year I made $1 million in income.  Hey, if a guy making a million a year has time to write out handwritten notes… guess who else has time to do it?  Hmmmm? :-)

I’ll even give you all the information so all you have to do is write the cards.  So now you don’t have an excuse, do you?  Ha!  Here is a list of the cards and the messages you could write for the next 12 months.

Here’s the link courtesy of 5Q Group: http://www.5qgroup.com/tools/QD_Postcard-Instruction.pdf

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Get 24 High-Net-Worth guys asking to spend the day with you

How much would it be worth to you to spend an afternoon hosting 24 high-net-worth guys?  I am assuming quite a bit.  Here’s how one adviser pulled it off…

He first did research to figure out which 100 people in his town he’d love to get to know.  He then put together the following package:

  • He talked a local golf course into an incredible deal to host a golfing event for the biggest Centers of Influence in town—the golf course was super eager to attract these guys.
  • He prepared a box wrapped in nice wrapping paper.  He mailed that box in a bigger, hand addressed box to each of the targets—no one could resist opening it.
  • In the gift wrapped box he put the following:
    • A mini green jacket (like the Masters Golf Jacket
    • A card with a URL that was personalized to that person
      (Example: www.golfwithrochestersbest.com/mikejohnson)
    • At that URL (prepared with a local webmaster) was a landing page personalized for that person where they could sign up.
  • Results?
    • 24 of these 100 people attended the golfing event.
    • All of them now know the advisor (none of them knew him before)
    • All of them willingly gave him their contact information and were open to him remaining in contact with them
    • One very large client was brought on board… so far… that paid for the tourney and a very nice ROI.

A lot of work?  Yep.  But how much is it worth to get on a first name basis with the biggest movers and shakers in your town?  Start planning now!

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Get your website at the top of your Prospect’s online search page

Where does your website show up on the page when your client searches for a financial advisor in your area?  If it isn’t in the top 3… you are missing free business.  Think about it!  These people are actually LOOKING for someone to give their money to! 

So how important is it to be on the top of that search page?  Very Important!  You don’t have to be an internet expert to get listed near the top.  The easy directions on how to do it are in this free, 7-page guide courtesy of 5Q Group

Download here : http://www.5qgroup.com/tools/5QES-Digital-Online-Directories.pdf

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The Best Referrals are the Ones You DON’T Ask For!

In this 5-page Whitepaper titled, “How to Create the Best Referrals—the ones you don’t ask for” the author walks you through the process of getting clients to refer to you… without ever directly asking for the referral.  This is important reading for any advisor looking to increase referrals in 2016.

Here’s the link courtesy of 5Q Group: http://www.5qgroup.com/tools/5Q_Create_the_best_referrals.pdf

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The 5-Minute Fix to Create Referrals

Want to create clients that talk about you all the time?  Just doing your job well will NOT create that!  Doing investment research… returning their calls promptly… being friendly with them… THAT’S YOUR JOB!  They expect that from you, so that is not going to get them talking you up to their friends and relatives…

But… doing THIS one little thing that requires maybe 5-minutes and a little thought will get your clients raving about you to their friends and relatives!  Here’s how you do it:

Create a process for your office called the “5-minute Fix”.  Have all your employees and yourself spend just 5 minutes finding something extra you could do for a client or prospect.   The gesture could be anything from finding a helpful article on something they mentioned… making a phone call to someone that could help them with a little problem they are having… getting them a gift certificate for something they mentioned…

It doesn’t matter what it is… it PROVES that you listen to them and care.  An advisor that did this found that his clients were way more impressed with these little signs of caring, than they ever were with his money management skill (of which he is no slouch).

Make it a habit to do this in your office and watch the big uptick in referrals.  The advisor that created this “5-minute Fix” credits it for his successful, referral driven practice.

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How to Sell Tire Kickers and Plate Lickers!

It’s hard to get in front of qualified prospects who are looking for help… but there are lots of marketing systems that get you in front of Tire Kickers and Plate Lickers.  Soooo… what if you could start converting those time wasters into profitable clients?  That would make all marketing work, wouldn’t it?  Watch the 6-minute video below that shows how that is not only possible… but easier than you think!

Here’s the link to the video courtesy of 5Q Group: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N71oVU-C97w

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Get in Front of 50 “Millionaires Next Door” a Month for $10/mo.

The “Millionaire Next Door”… the client every advisor is looking for… ends up they aren’t so hard to find AND close.

Here’s a 11-minute video that walks you through the process of finding the “Millionaire Next Door” and getting them to hire you as their advisor. It’s simple and inexpensive… and no one is doing it!!!

Here’s the link to the video courtesy of 5Q Group:  https://vimeo.com/37745129

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If You Think You Have All Your Clients’ Money… Guess Again

If you think you have all your clients’ money… join the club. Most advisors think they have all the client’s money. It ends up you are wrong. Cerulli Associates actually went out and asked clients if they had money outside your management… most times they did as you see in the chart below.

Do you know how easy it would be to capitalize on this fact? Try this… bring some value to your clients that they don’t expect. Or do something for them where you don’t ask for anything back… and you’ll be surprised how many clients will bring up some money “they just happened to have lying around.”

How can you bring value to them? One idea is to make an appointment with them to walk through a checklist with them. This could be about a number of things:

  • What belongs… and what doesn’t belong in their safety deposit box
  • A list of all the tax deductions they are allowed and how to maximize them
  • Or better yet walk them through a well thought out plan of getting their affairs in order.

The advisors I work with use the 21 Point Checklist… it is a money magnet!



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