Want to Write A Lot More Business Next week… than you did this week? Do these 2 simple things.

For years Selling, Telling, Preaching and Teaching has helped salespeople make a living.  And if you want to just “make a living” I guess you can continue to run your meetings that way.  However, if you are ready to really become a high earning professional, you need to stop doing all the talking!

The more money somebody has… the less they want you to TELL THEM what they should do… or what they don’t know.  They want to be the captain.  If you want your ticket size to go up, you must work on your skill of asking questions to let them discover, for themselves, that your recommendations fit their situation.  Telling them… makes them resist.

So what are the two things you need to do for instantaneous increase in income?  

  1. Quit telling people and instead ask questions so they tell you the exact point you wanted to make.  When they make the point for you… they are comfortable… and they own it.
  2. Step two – record your meetings.  Find out how much talking you are doing, versus the client.  If it is not at least ½ and ½, you are going to struggle to get new people, with lots of money, to give you more than a pittance of it.

Any advisor I’ve coached that has done these two things has seen an instant increase of ticket size.

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Caution: To clarify… this is not the same recycled BS that every Guru brings up on the topic of referrals.

How would you like to bring in 50 high quality referrals a year?  The Royal-Loyal system does just that.  It requires some work… but very little money… to get you in front of the best possible prospects… your clients’ referrals. 

Download the system HERE, courtesy of 5Q Group.

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Get Your Dentist to Refer a Bunch of People to You!

I know an advisor that created a phenomenal referral network.  As with anything worth doing… it took some elbow grease, but it was well worth it!

He sat down and put together a list of 10 professionals in his small city that he knew and respected.  He sent them a letter, and then followed up by phone suggesting that they put together a “Top 100″ book for their city.  It would list contact information for the city’s top service providers for a number of different professions.

The ticket in for this top listing was for each to find another 10 professionals to be in the book.  He then created a nice directory book for each of the “Top 100″ and a website that featured all of the members.  The cost was shared among all 100 top members… it ended up being a pittance because one member was a printer and the other a web designer! 

The entire group promoted the program and the directory.  They also made direct referrals to each other.  This worked so well that many members reported not having to do any other marketing… And do you want to guess how many financial advisors were in the “Top 100″ directory?  Yep.  One.

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This Prospect Will Make You a Ton in 2015 (Hint: They are all around you!)

Crappy prospects… plate lickers and tire kickers… people with plenty of money but they love their advisors… Do-it-Yourselfers…


The day you learn the trick to turning these crappy prospects into your clients… with all of their money… is the day your practice makes a radical shift towards putting you into the top 5% of all advisors.  This 6-minute video tells you how… it’s simple… but not necessarily easy… that said, more than 200 advisors have been able to see their income triple within 18 months by following this approach.

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This is the one thing that will make your website work (as well as your brochures)!

The advisors I coach often send me their marketing material and websites.  They all look professional. You know… professional headshot photo… a bio that touts their commitment to honesty and integrity… their education, certifications and credentials.

That’s all terrific except…
a) It looks like every other advisors
b) It says the same thing as every other advisor says
c) It’s all about the advisor… AND NOT THE CLIENT!  You have to make it about the client!

If you would like some pointers on how to create an effective bio, here’s a simple and easy to follow guide I give my advisors.  I hope it gets you started on creating your own exciting and effective bio

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Eavesdrop on a Seminar that got 100% Appointments

Advisors that lament about seminars being dead are a bit misinformed.  Listen to an actual seminar that was done in November that closed 100% appointments.  EVERY attendee actually stepped up and made an appointment right there on the spot.  If you need to get in front of more people this year you gotta listen to this!

At 3:30 minutes — the advisor’s coach walks through why goals suck

At 10:30 – An explanation of why this seminar got this advisor a 100% appointment ratio… and is averaging 82% appointment ratios for all advisors using the seminar

At 22:09 – Listen to the actual live event and how the advisor gets the phenomenal 100% appointments.

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Quit Schmoozing and Start Networking

If it works… networking is a great use of your time… again, if it works.  So let’s talk about a few things that can make it work:

  • Don’t just go to “networking events”  go to all the other places people gather – education classes, charity gatherings, fitness classes, etc. – you can network any place people gather.
  • Have a great Elevator Speech – Go here for my complimentary e-book on creating an effective Elevator Speech
  • Start conversations… the one I use is, “Is it the little things that get you, or the big things?”  And then I simply tell a 1-minte story about surgery (it ties nicely to investing when done correctly).  This never fails to easily get them asking more about what I do.
  • It’s NOT a numbers game.  It is far better to make a real connection with a few people… than it is to gather 50 business cards.
  • Listening is MORE important than talking.  People love great listeners, and they remember great listeners.
  • Arrive early and leave late.  You up your odds of productive conversations.
  • Don’t spend too much time with people you know… that is time wasted when your goal is networking.
  • Find the wall flowers!  These are people desperate for a connection!
  • The buffet line is the easiest place to start conversations.  So, don’t load your plate… instead come back to the buffet line over and over.
  • Make notes about the people you meet.  You can use this information to write handwritten notes to follow up the next day.  THIS COMBO… personal info and a handwritten note… WILL MAKE YOU A TON OF MONEY!
  • Wear something that will get people talking… an unusual tie… flamboyant socks… an interesting name tag (decorate it or write something on it that will get people talking)

Incorporate some of these ideas the next time you go to one of those boring meetings and finally make it pay off!

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Be Negative and See Your Income Soar

We are always told to emphasize the positive… it ends up the opposite works WAY BETTER!  University of California  researchers found that when:

  • One group of homeowners were told they could save 50 cents a day by doing a couple of things to make their homes more energy efficient
  • And another group was told they would LOSE 50 cents a day if they didn’t make the changes…

The 2nd group where the changes were couched in a LOSS were 300% more likely to make the changes.  How are you presenting your solutions?  Its it on how your recommendations could make their life better (not productive)… or are you presenting your solutions to make sure they avoid loss (VERY productive).

I coach all my advisors to present the negative and NEVER present the positive… and they see their income jump by 63% the first year they make that change!

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Finally! A Way to Leverage CPAs into Bringing Us New Clients

Finally!  A Way to Leverage CPAs into Bringing Us New Clients

Stick with me for a second as I explain this… it’s not the same old tired thing you’ve heard a million times before.  Deal?

The first step is set up an appointment with a CPA.  That’s easy enough… tell them you are looking for a CPA for 3 of your top clients (duh, right?).

The difference is… what you talk about at that meeting.  Think about accountants,  what do they want?  They DON’T want more returns to do… they want to do BIGGER returns.  What kind of returns are those?  Business returns!   But how good are CPAs at marketing?  Lousy, right?

So when you meet with them, let them know that you have ways to get in front of business owners and you were wondering if they would be willing to lend their expertise to those business owners.  You now have their attention.  You ask them if they would be willing to work together, as a team, with these business owners for the business client’s benefit.

When they agree, you propose to market jointly.  When they agree to market jointly, you get the credibility the CPA brings… and, they get to use your marketing ability to get in front of business owners.  You then create joint marketing material… don’t worry, it doesn’t cost much.  You can do a number of things (but I’ll tell you my favorite in a second):

  • A new, joint website
  • Newsletters
  • Emails
  • Education events

My preference is the “small business newsletter.”  It’s cheap and easy and you get an excellent ROI.   The newsletter is NOT about investment issues!  It’s about topics that will make business owner’s lives a little easier or more profitable.  It is about THEM and their businesses.  Not about us and what we offer.

If you’d like to see an example you can download it here.  By offering real value to the business owners in the newsletter each month… it really opens a relationship.  Both you and the accountant can approach these businesses after about 3 months of newsletters.  The business owners will know who you are and you’ve paved the way by offering advice they found helpful the previous three months.  It’s a three month game, but the rewards can be worth it.

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The Best Time You’ll Ever Spend in December

If you are willing to put in just one week of work… just one week… and NOT one cent of money… within 45 days you will be bringing in 3 to 5 new clients each month.  What better time to invest a week than in December when you are twiddling your thumbs?  

This 20-minute video walks you through how to do it step-by-step

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