This Sales Letter Netted 4 Big Clients

In today’s “Don’t have time to read no sales letter” environment… it is still possible to grab someone’s attention and get them to call you.
Here’s an idea from an advisor I know who closed 4 big cases using it.  He had a list of 800 people that fit his target market.  He then wrote a sales letter as if his 7-year-old daughter wrote it.  He wrote it as she spoke… with all of the wonderful things that make us smile when a child speaks.
Now here’s the kicker… he then went to the internet and searched “child’s handwriting font” and found dozens of different fonts that look like a child writing.  He downloaded the font and wrote the sales letter using that font.
The letter started with…
Ever since my daddy started helping people with their money, I’ve got to meet a lot of nice people.  My daddy said that we are growing our family by helping people keep their piggy banks safe.  I’m writing you to see if you would like to be one of our family.
Dorky? Yep. With that said… how many sales letters have you sent lately that brought in 4 big clients?
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This Tool Can Close Large Cases… it’s been around for hundreds of years… and most advisors ignore it

What is the tool?  A handwritten note.  The year I made $967,000 I sent out over 200 handwritten notes a month.  In fact, many of my large cases I credit to those handwritten notes.  Not sure of how handwritten notes close business?  Or, exactly what to write on those notes?  Why not download this simple 4-page white paper that walks you through it…courtesy of 5Q Group.

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3 Ways You’ve Never Thought About to Leverage Morningstar for More Sales

We’ve all used Morningstar for years… but you’ve probably never seen it used this way!  I suspect it’s almost the polar opposite to how you’ve been using it.  Find out how leveraging just 3 obscure parts of the Morningstar can catapult your closing ratio!   Watch the 6-minute video that walks you through both the items and the scripts you use with them.  It’s pretty eye-opening!

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Bump People into Your Office

This is probably the most off the wall and successful marketing I’ve ever seen.  The advisor spent $4.00 with Vistaprint… and made over $120,000 (and counting because it’s still working).  What did he do?

He came up with a great elevator speech—and he printed it on a bumper sticker.  Yep, you heard me right… a bumper sticker.  And then he got people calling him, in what I think is a genius twist!

Get the 6-page white paper that walks you through how he did it… and an example of the bumper sticker he used.

Get it here, courtesy of 5Q Group.

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Become an instant EXPERT!

We’ve all done it… we go to YouTube to figure out how to do something.  It’s truly hard to beat a YouTube video when it comes to learning something really fast.  So what do YOU know… that your best client WANTS to know?

Spending time on this question could make you a ton of money.  Figure out the thing that your best prospect is dying to figure out… then, do a YouTube video on how to do it… Presto!  Instant phone call or email to talk with you!

Some examples to get your creative juices going…

  • Information or tips for a large local company’s benefit program… e.g. “How to squeeze an extra $150 a month from XYZ Enterprise’s pension!”
  • A great one is talk to organizations of networked professionals. People like teachers and nurses… e.g. “How Fairview Hospital nurses make their 401(k) match work twice as hard.”
  • Talk about a hot button… e.g. “Look at these 3 blanks on your tax return to reduce the tax on your Social Security by $2,700.”

Again, spend time figuring out what your dream clients want… figuring that out is where you should spend all your time!   The video will come easy once you know what they are looking for.

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Simple Guide to Having People in Your Area Find You Online

Almost nothing is better than having someone find us online.  It’s free.  It means they are actually looking for help.  And they are reaching out to us… instead of us reaching out to them.  That means they are already leaning towards us, which is much better chemistry than when they respond to marketing.

But figuring out the internet, Google and getting our name out there is complicated, right?  Ends up, it’s a lot simpler than I first thought… and extremely effective.  Phil Frost, an expert and writer for Target Marketing wrote a simple 2-page guide called, “A Beginner’s Guide to Local SEO for Small Businesses.”

I’ve shared it with advisors and they implemented it in a weekend. One was getting calls within a month!  Now that’s effective!  You can access the free guide here:

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What’s the Best Way to Get in Front of Business Owners?

Business owners are busy.  They don’t have time for small talk.  They want you to get to the point… “What can you do for me?”

So what is the best way to demonstrate what you can do for them?  The chart below tells you how to prioritize your business owner marketing efforts…

ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 15 08.15





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Make Clients AND Prospects Happy by Asking These Two Simple Questions

What do people really think about you and how you treat them?  Are there weak spots?  Are there strong traits you could trumpet?  A simple two question survey will tell you just that.  You’ll get more clients to answer the survey when it only has two questions.  AND, research has shown that even when clients don’t answer a survey, they end up liking you more just for asking their opinion!

The answers to these two questions can be used to both solidify your current client relationships AND to leverage for when you meet with prospects.

Here are the 2 questions:

  1. Do you feel we understand you, your finances and your goals?  Why or why not?
  2. Do you feel we respond properly to you and your concerns?  (Promptly?  With empathy and concern?  Or, not to the degree you would like?)

If you even get one negative reply… you’ve got work to do.  If there is one person willing to say it… many others are probably thinking it.  Reach out to that person (who is brave enough to tell you) and get the low down.  Then USE that information to make a better experience for everyone!

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10 Inexpensive Ways to Bring in New Business

Before you do anymore marketing… it’s essential that you spend time coming up with a Unique Selling Proposition or Elevator Speech.  If you don’t know what makes you different from your competition… people have no reason to come to see you.

If you don’t already have an Elevator Speech, you can get my step-by-step process here.

Once you have decided on your Elevator Speech, here are ten inexpensive ways to use it to get your phone ringing:

1.  Email signature—it’s easy and free.

2.  Print it on the outside of all your outgoing envelopes

3.  Put a little flyer with it on, inside every outgoing letter, making it easier for people to pass it along

4.  Put it on a bumper sticker or slap it on the side of your car—let’s say that the ABC hospital is a huge employer in your town.  What if you had a bumper sticker that said… “ABC Nurses Financial Advisor of Choice——do you think you’d get any calls?

5.  Don’t ignore bathroom stall advertisements—it’s one of the only places you have a captured audience!  They have the time and inclination to read your ad!

6.  If you own your building… have a rotating banner on the outside of your building
a.  Free shredding in our parking lot next Saturday
b.  Your Elevator Speech
c.  What documents should you keep?  And throw?  Go to to
find out!
d.  Join us for lunch and a short discussion of how the election will affect your investments…
call xxx-xxxx
e.  And on and on… rotate the banner every couple of weeks

7.  Anything involving food is awesome!  Here’s an idea.  Approach a local restaurant that is frequented by your target market.  Ask them if you would be allowed to print your elevator speech on the outside of a cookie sack… then, the restaurant will send every lunch customer home with a free cookie in that sack, on you

8.  You have to.. Have To… HAVE TO… utilize your on-hold message to provide value to your clients.  On hold music is a waste of valuable message time.

9.  A picture paints a thousand words.  Try to use pictures to highlight your offer anywhere you can.  Pictures grab people’s attention.

10.  Create an idea file—If you see an advertisement that catches your eye… COPY IT!   If it caught your eye, it caught other people’s attention as well.

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“Say it again, Sam”

There is a fact that great communicators have used for hundreds of years… if you say something often enough, it becomes truth.  Just look at how this phenomenon works in today’s political arena.  If a candidate repeats something long enough… over and over… it somehow becomes truth.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you become a sleazy politician… but, I am suggesting you use this phenomenon for good!  Let me give you an example.  There are many ways a store could communicate that a sale lasts for 5 days.  Let’s look at two of them and you tell me which is more powerful:

Save 10% Monday through Friday


Save 10% Monday
Save 10% Tuesday
Save 10% Wednesday
Save 10% Thursday
Save 10% Friday

Research has proven that restating it over and over has a much greater effect on people.  They believe it.  They act on it.

So how can you use this?  There are a number of ways… but here’s one example.  Find a clear, simple statement that differentiates you from all your competitors and repeat it often… put it on all of your advertising and communication… do this until people associate you with that statement.

I did this and became known by everyone in my market place as the, “Get Your Hands Off My Piece of Pie” guy, … or eventually, the Pie Guy.  When this name or phrase became attached to me it created instant credibility and trust.

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