10 Inexpensive Ways to Bring in New Business

Before you do anymore marketing… it’s essential that you spend time coming up with a Unique Selling Proposition or Elevator Speech.  If you don’t know what makes you different from your competition… people have no reason to come to see you.

If you don’t already have an Elevator Speech, you can get my step-by-step process here.

Once you have decided on your Elevator Speech, here are ten inexpensive ways to use it to get your phone ringing:

1.  Email signature—it’s easy and free.

2.  Print it on the outside of all your outgoing envelopes

3.  Put a little flyer with it on, inside every outgoing letter, making it easier for people to pass it along

4.  Put it on a bumper sticker or slap it on the side of your car—let’s say that the ABC hospital is a huge employer in your town.  What if you had a bumper sticker that said… “ABC Nurses Financial Advisor of Choice—www.ABCnursesadvisor.com—do you think you’d get any calls?

5.  Don’t ignore bathroom stall advertisements—it’s one of the only places you have a captured audience!  They have the time and inclination to read your ad!

6.  If you own your building… have a rotating banner on the outside of your building
a.  Free shredding in our parking lot next Saturday
b.  Your Elevator Speech
c.  What documents should you keep?  And throw?  Go to www.yourwebsite.com to
find out!
d.  Join us for lunch and a short discussion of how the election will affect your investments…
call xxx-xxxx
e.  And on and on… rotate the banner every couple of weeks

7.  Anything involving food is awesome!  Here’s an idea.  Approach a local restaurant that is frequented by your target market.  Ask them if you would be allowed to print your elevator speech on the outside of a cookie sack… then, the restaurant will send every lunch customer home with a free cookie in that sack, on you

8.  You have to.. Have To… HAVE TO… utilize your on-hold message to provide value to your clients.  On hold music is a waste of valuable message time.

9.  A picture paints a thousand words.  Try to use pictures to highlight your offer anywhere you can.  Pictures grab people’s attention.

10.  Create an idea file—If you see an advertisement that catches your eye… COPY IT!   If it caught your eye, it caught other people’s attention as well.

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“Say it again, Sam”

There is a fact that great communicators have used for hundreds of years… if you say something often enough, it becomes truth.  Just look at how this phenomenon works in today’s political arena.  If a candidate repeats something long enough… over and over… it somehow becomes truth.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you become a sleazy politician… but, I am suggesting you use this phenomenon for good!  Let me give you an example.  There are many ways a store could communicate that a sale lasts for 5 days.  Let’s look at two of them and you tell me which is more powerful:

Save 10% Monday through Friday


Save 10% Monday
Save 10% Tuesday
Save 10% Wednesday
Save 10% Thursday
Save 10% Friday

Research has proven that restating it over and over has a much greater effect on people.  They believe it.  They act on it.

So how can you use this?  There are a number of ways… but here’s one example.  Find a clear, simple statement that differentiates you from all your competitors and repeat it often… put it on all of your advertising and communication… do this until people associate you with that statement.

I did this and became known by everyone in my market place as the, “Get Your Hands Off My Piece of Pie” guy, … or eventually, the Pie Guy.  When this name or phrase became attached to me it created instant credibility and trust.

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Compound Your Marketing!

You’ve been telling your clients to compound their returns for years… are you doing the same?  Do you regularly contact and market to a list of ALL THE PEOPLE YOU’VE EVER TALKED TO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS?

If not, you are missing the power of compounding your marketing.  The #1 reason people give for leaving their advisor does NOT have anything to do with return… instead it is about contact.  People that feel like their guy does not contact them enough—leave their guy!

By maintaining contact with all your prospects, you are leveraging your competitor’s biggest weakness… the fact that he likely doesn’t contact his/her clients as much as they’d like.

Because of this, research has found that those who were interested in your message in the past, but didn’t actually become clients… may just need a little more tender, loving contact before they pull the trigger.

So, are you sending monthly newsletters?  Do you mail fun postcards just to keep your name in front of them?  Do you regularly offer Lunch and Learns or Breakfast Clubs about topics they may be interested in?  Do you invite them to your client Thank You Events?  Drip, Drip, Drip… and it will pay off.

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The Halo Effect

Your place of worship has many people that could benefit from your expertise… however, if you are like me, you feel uncomfortable approaching people in this environment.  This is a place of worship, not a business, right?  These are people you see every week and you don’t want an embarrassing situation, do you?

Finally, here’s a way to get the people you see every week at your place of worship to approach you… instead of you approaching them.  Get the short 3-page guide, “Halo System” here… courtesy of the 5Q Group.

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Going EXPO-nential

Advisors are always approaching me for ideas on how to leverage a booth at an Expo or trade fair.  What if you had every other company at the event promoting you!

1) Get a list of all the other companies and organizations that will have booths at the event.   Then, start contacting all those companies well before the event and suggest they do this

  • Have them tell anyone stopping by that company or organization’s booth, “If you buy today you can get [xyz… see below] from the ABC Wealth Management booth on the other side of the hall.”

Think about something of value [the xyz thing] that all the other companies are promoting, that you could give away for free, and still leverage into a possible sales opportunity.  Here are some ideas:

  • A service you will perform
    • Example: a discounted or free tax return done.
  • A free kit or guide
    • An ID Theft Prevention Kit… or Medicare Guide
  • An extra chance to draw for a Free 1 oz. silver coin
  • A Free meal you are offering next Tuesday at a local restaurant (obviously, this would be at a seminar).

2) Leverage the purchase of your booth by getting the organizers to allow you to speak during the Expo.  If the organizers push back, let them know your purchase of space is contingent on you having a chance to speak during the event.  This is a cheap, effective way to do a “seminar.”

Either of these ideas will increase your ROI expo-nentially!

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How Do You Bring On the Millionaire Next Door?

The Millionaire Next Door is the best possible client.  They have money and… they are decent, appreciative, nice people.  How do you find them?  How do you get them to move their money to you?

HINT:  It’s NOT trying to pitch them a 401(k)… private pension plan… or any other product or scheme.  It is actually getting them to call you!

Find out how to get small business owners with multi-million dollar checks, in their hand, to call you.  Watch this 10-minute video that walks you through it step-by-step here, courtesy of 5Q Group.

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Want to Get All the Big Wigs in Town to Listen to What You Have to Say?

Landing just one big fish in town can change your business forever.  You are not only bringing on a big client… but you now have an in with their friends and business network.  How do you do this without being a pest or joining every non-profit in the city?  Ends up, it’s cheap and easy.

Find out how to do it in the 6-page guide, “5Q Toast of the Town,” courtesy of 5Q Group.

Download it here: http://www.5qgroup.com/tools/5QES_5_Toast_of_the_Town.pdf

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A Strong Finish Can Win the Client Acquisition Race

You spent a lot of money to get that prospect in front of you… and then they don’t buy.  What do you do?  Throw the lead in the garbage?  Here’s a great way to get that prospect back into the conversation.  Send them a surprise, inexpensive gift just for meeting with you.  If you can work in some humor… even better!

These seem silly but they work more often than you might think!  Some ideas I’ve seen used successfully are:

  • Dental Floss with a note that reflects back to a topic you covered in their meeting. The gist of it was that we help you with the icky, putzy things you hate to do… but MUST be done—the advisor used flossing as a real life example in the meeting.  The mailing with the dental floss was a fun reminder of that point.
  • A dollar bill folded like a heart or a shirt (easy to find out how to do this on YouTube). The letter talks about “loving” to get back with them… or I’m waiting to “give you the shirt off my back”.
  • A gift certificate for a pie from a local shop. The accompanying letter used “I’d love to help you keep the government’s paws off your piece of the pie!”

Silly?  Yes.  Different?  Yes.  Trying to be “better” is futile.  Being different is easy… and as I said before, you’d be surprised by how many people you thought were “done”, will actually reach back out to you.

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The END of Tax Season… Guess who can see you now?

We all would love to have accountants refer their clients to us… but they rarely do.  How can you change that?

First, understand why accountants don’t refer… they are protective of their clients and they mistakenly believe that doing NOTHING… is safer than doing anything when it comes to their clients.  Am I wrong?

I would like to share a case study with you.  A retired gentleman decided he wanted to sell life insurance as an encore career.  Within two years, he was making over $1 million selling life insurance.  How?

I walk you through exactly what he did in a 22-page e-book titled, “The Golden System.”

Download it HERE courtesy of 5Q  Group.


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Elephant Hunting… Find the Big Ones

Where do you hunt elephants?  Where they congregate (but please don’t hunt elephants… what did they ever do to you)?

Where do you hunt the affluent and COI’s?  Where they congregate (again, please do not hunt these people.  They need to be alive in order for you to bring them on as clients)!  The affluent are almost always involved in some charitable activity in your community.  Use that to not only help your community… but set yourself up to help the affluent as well.

Here’s a 5-Step plan to get in front of the affluent philanthropic leaders in your community:

  1. Get familiar with all of the charities in your community. Two great resources to help you do that are Guidestar and The Foundation Center.  These two resources will help you compare organizations in a transparent, easy way.
  2. Pick one or two organizations to join. You will be able to identify and work beside the board members and their supporters.   This will do double duty because you will also be able to meet and get to know their families and friends as well.  This will further expand your reach.
  3. Now show what you can do! This is a great place to actually showcase your expertise and skills.  There is no better advertisement than for people to actually see you in action!
  4. Think outside the box… volunteer your office as a drop off place for various drives… or your parking lot for an event… what do you have that the charity would find handy?
  5. Donate your services… NOT to the affluent but to the people the charity serves. What would it say about you if you were willing to set up a table at a food shelf to answer the financial questions  people who are struggling financially have?  Does anybody serve them in this manner?  Why would you do such a thing?  Because you are a quality human being that can be trusted… and that’s who the affluent want to manage their money.

Is this a long game?  Absolutely.  Is it a game that could make you “king of advisors” in your town?  Absolutely.

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