Now THIS is How You Generate Referrals!!!

If you’d like to put the amount of referrals you get on steroids… consider this. If you arm your clients with a great elevator speech (using the information in this video) and then show them that you really care… you’ll see more referrals than you ever dreamed about.

How do you show that you care? Try these ideas:

  • Contact your clients when it NOT necessary—just check in to see how they are.
  • Send them a note out of the blue telling them how much you enjoy working with them
  • Ask your customers what you could do to make their lives easier… encourage them to be wild and crazy with their ideas
  • Do something a little extra and surprising for them
  • Pass along helpful information that has nothing to do with their investments
  • Make sure you are there to lend a hand when they need it… basement floods… child needs help, etc.
  • Recognize your clients (with their permission) in your newsletters. Everyone loves to be loved!
  • Don’t cut corners—don’t use virtual assistants… or use “send out cards” with the fake font… or use cheap pens… be a class act!
  • When something doesn’t go right… get on it and let your client know what you are going to do about it
  • Respond promptly
  • Better yet… reach out to them before they reach out to you. If the market is down, call them! Just don’t wait around hoping they don’t call.
  • Give them free things. It could be checklists, guides or even movie tickets.
  • And lastly… be a person of your word
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You Do What?

How would you like to net three great, new clients between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day? Use the information in this 8 minute video to find out how to bring on clients at no cost… especially during the Holiday Season. How? When you attend all of those Holiday gatherings and someone asks what you do… or “How’s business”… follow the step-by-step directions in this video and you’ll have people insisting on an appointment with you.

Find it here:

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Run Your Practice Like a Seal!

Navy SEAL Master Chief Will Guild was interviewed by Men’s Health Magazine and talked about 6 Key Principles that SEALS live by.  Incorporating them into your practice and life will give you the mindset you need to succeed.

  1. Put Teammates First – Ask yourself… How do I treat others in my office and life? How do I fit into our team?  What are my responsibilities and am I carrying them out?
  2. Absolutely 2nd Guess Yourself – We all get down sometimes.  We may even want to quit.  That is the very time you need to 2nd Guess yourself.  Don’t give up without looking at the situation from all angles.
  3. It’s OK To Be Afraid – Being okay with being afraid is the 1st step to overcoming your fear.  And if you aren’t afraid of something… you aren’t trying hard enough.
  4. Your Body Controls Your Emotions – Want to be calm?  Act calm.  There is proven science to the “fake it til you make it” mentality.  Smile or laugh and you can’t help but be happy.  Use this valuable tool the next time you feel frazzled or angry.
  5. Baby Steps – Don’t worry about scoring the touchdown… worry about taking the hike cleanly.  Focus on your task at hand and not the end game.  Success is guaranteed when you do this.
  6. Have Faith in Yourself -This is essential to create mental toughness.  Have faith in yourself and you’ll always figure it out… no matter the difficulty you find yourself in
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9 Great Tools to Grow Your Practice

  1. - Covers retirement and related economic security topics.
  2. – Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. This site has a wealth of information you can use to grow your practice.
  3. – The website sections called “Work & Retirement”  and “Money” have excellent tools for both you and your clients.
  4. – An excellent source for information on topics related to retirement income security.
  5. – Your one stop shop for all questions about Social Security
  6. – Has many useful resources for you to help your clients prepare for and succeed during retirement.
  7. – This site is full of useful information including links to health plans, retirement plans and retirement savings information.
  8. -This is a great resource for you to recommend to your clients or their children to educate them on the need to save.
  9. – This is a great retirement calculator (you can even get it for your smart phone so you have it at a moment’s notice!) that has the implied endorsement of the government because it is linked to both the Department of Labor and IRS sites.
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The IRS is Forcing IRA CD Holders to Move Their Money to YOU!

Okay, slight exaggeration but you can make it come true!  As you probably know a recent Tax Court ruled that only 1 rollover a year is allowed starting in 2015.  Here’s your sales opportunity…

People who use CD’s for their IRA’s could be in big trouble.  A bank will open a new IRA for each CD and at the end of the term the IRA is closed and distributed to the customer to reinvest.  If they have more than 1 IRA CD mature in a year, they are violating that rule.  Look through your files to find your clients with bank CD IRA’s and get them moved to your watchful eyes.

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Are You Capitalizing on the Habits of the Rich or Poor?

I recently read Tom Corley’s Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of the Wealthy. Corley looked at how the wealthy think and act. He defined wealthy as making over $160,000/yr. or having assets of over $3.2 million. He compared them to the habits of people making less than $30,000 a year.

Here are some key comparisons:

 Habit                                                                              Rich        Poor  
Get up at least 3 hours before work                           44%         3%
Maintain a To-Do list                                                    81%        19%
Say what’s on their mind                                              6%          69%
Read more than 30 minutes a day for education    88%        2%

First, pay attention to the fact that most wealthy won’t reveal what’ on their mind… what are you doing to overcome that? At 5Q Group we’ve been using the Discipline of Psychology Motivational Interviewing for the last 15 years. It works fantastic! If you’d like to see more on 5Q Group and how we use psychology you can watch a 45-minute video here.

Second, how many of these habits do you have? Invest in yourself and pick up his book.

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These numbers will shock both your clients and prospects!

Whoa! These numbers from Forbes magazine are shocking! You need to know them to both protect your current client base or to leverage to bring on new clients.

In the article “The Real Cost of Owning a Mutual Fund” they make a case, based on empirical evidence, that when you include both the reported and hidden fees of a typical mutual fund the fees are astronomical.

MF in a Tax-Deferred Account      MF in a Taxable Account
Expense ratio                  0.90%       0.90%
Transaction cost              1.44%       1.44%
Cash Drag                         0.83%      0.83%
______    1.00%
3.17%       4.17%

That should shock some prospects into moving into Managed Money or Fixed Indexed Annuities!

If you’d like the link to the article you can find it here.

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Hot News Sells!

Target, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Sony and so many more companies have lost consumer data… how are you capitalizing on these hot bed issues? When you capitalize on what’s on people’s minds… your marketing can score huge gains.

How can you capitalize on this? How about hosting a town hall at your local library about how people can protect their data? This is purely informational and if you pitch it right… and get a joint presenter from a local web manager company… you should have no problem getting the library to agree.

Then put together a press release about the town hall and send it to all the newspaper, radio and TV stations… they are always looking for these types of things to feature.

What kind of topics could you cover:

• How to create and REMEMBER passwords
• What questions to ask your financial institution and advisor to ensure they are keeping your personal information private
• What to do if you find your information has been taken
• Open questions for your local “web expert”

What a great way to provide value and get a leg up on your competition! What are you waiting for?

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A Simple Eye-Opener for Your Clients

I have used this simple illustration to sell lots of annuities…

People have been told over and over to buy and hold and their accounts will come back… and they do, but how does that affect someone who is retired?

Let’s assume you get a 10% rate of return on $100,000 each year for the next 3 years:

Begin with             $100,000
End of 1st year      $110,000
End of 2nd year    $121,000
End of 3rd year     $133,100

The 4th year you lose just 10%…  $133,100 X 90% = $119,790.

That means your annual average rate of return is 4.5%.

Starts to make an FIA look pretty smart doesn’t it?

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Happy Anniversary… You’re On My Mind! Can generate lots of business.

Every major marketing company and retailer can tell you how profitable a personalized… surprise contact is.  Why our industry doesn’t use this fact baffles me.  You NEED to do this!  It’s cheap and effective.

Here’s I use it.  I send out anniversary emails and personalized notes… over 100 a month.  I send them to clients, prospects and centers of influence.  What kind of anniversary you ask?  Any kind I can think of.  Here are some examples:

  • Anniversary of the date they became a client
  • 6-month client anniversary
  • Anniversary of the date they came to a seminar or first contacted my office
  • Clients Wedding anniversary (if you know them)
  • Retirement date anniversary
  • Anniversary of the date their child graduated college
  • Anniversary of the date they first subscribed to your newsletter
  • Etc.

If you have their email, then do it for free… BUT I’ve always been a big supporter of sending handwritten notes (like I said earlier, I sent over 100 handwritten notes a month—is that a good use of my time?  I don’t know, but I made over $1million a year, so I must have been something right).

Please set aside 4 hours a month to send out these anniversary contacts… put it in your calendar right now… it will pay you huge dividends over the next 12 months.  It’s amazing how many of these notes turned into additional sales for me.

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