Facts About Mike Kaselnak

Michael Kaselnak’s Experience:

  • Spent 5 years in the US Navy as an instructor in the Submarine Nuclear Power Program.
  • Spent 1 year in the US Navy Public Relations department where he honed his public communication skills
  • In the late 80’s Mike rose from entrance level to Management Sales Trainer for the largest electronics retailer in the country in just two years. He remains friends with the President to this day.
  • In the early and mid 90’s Mike built a personal practice earning him $960,000 a year in small city in Minnesota—What makes this amazing is the population was just 12,000, with an hour and a half of open country in every direction around the city.
  • During the late 1990’s Mike franchised his financial planning system to over 750 financial planners nationwide. This system: ◦Was selected by Selling Power magazine as one of “America’s 15 Most Effective Sales Systems,” along side the likes of United Parcel Service and Hartford.
  • Increased production of its Advisor franchisees by an average of 62% the first year.
  • Produced Multiple advisors that have graced the cover pages of several financial magazines
  • Was responsible of over $4 Billion in production over 6 years

In 2006, Mike invented an automated handwritten note marketing system. This web based system incorporated the ability to write a single handwritten note and have it sent to thousands, with the authenticity of the original handwritten note. He sold this company in 2008 to a large financial marketing company.

Mike now spends his time consulting with top producers, financial and insurance companies, who pay him up to $224,000 a year to consult with them on their marketing and sales systems.

He also continues to work with hundreds of financial professionals.

He has been quoted in several national journals including Kiplinger’s, WSJ, Trump University, Marketing Maestro, SalesVantage.com, New York Times, Wealth, Bull & Bear Magazine, Financial Advisor Magazine and Your Money Magazine on issues dealing with seniors and their finances.

Michael lives with his wife Michelle and two boys in Rochester, MN. When not creating new marketing tools for his clients, Mike spends all of his time being a “boy” with his kids. He is also active in local charities and is on the board of his church.

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  1. Mr. Kaselnak,

    You may remember me from the Hoard Clients System’s days. I run GiftCounsel.com
    in Jacksonville, Florida. I am one of the believers in the value of Hoard mailings, and you were kind enough to work with me years ago. I now have a museum client who is interested in working with Hoard, but I have not heard back from the only contact information I could find on the Internet. Can you put me in contact with someone I can speak with.

    Danny Berenberg

  2. J B Taylor says:

    Mr. Kaselnak,

    Thank you for the marketing tips and techniques. I appreciate your creativity and would love an opportunity to discuss further opportunities. I would welcome your call or if you would rather an email would be fine.

  3. Jim Johnson says:

    Mike – how do I sign up for 2 Objects ?

    Thanks – Jim

  4. Gary says:

    Mike – We would like to impliment your Royal/Loyal program. Can you send us the references for services to create the newsletters and postcards. Thanks!

    • Hi Gary, I’m glad you’ve decided to move forward with the Royal/Loyal… you’ll be happy you did! I actually have 12 postcards that you can use to get you started. You can find them here: https://www.mikekaselnak.com/2010/11/the-guide-to-whacking-your-competitors-achilles-heel/

      Otherwise, there are lots of postcard companies out there… just Google postcards (Do NOT use the electronic ones… they’ll hurt you more than they help you. It’s gotta have a stamp on it!).

      As far as newsletters, you can again get them various places. I’m partial to the one that I write for advisors that is available as a member of http://www.2Objects.com because after 10 years of writing them for advisors, I know the ones I write work… But there are certainly others… Google “client newsletters for financial advisors” it you’ll see lots of people offering them.

      Hope this helps Gary!

      • Gary says:

        Mike. You are the man. And because you are the most forthcoming marketer I’ve encountered in recent memory,
        if not ever, can you tell me how I might avail myself of the $1 first month offer? I’d like to jump in and see if we
        have the capacity to begin the 2Objects program. Thanks!

  5. Jim Heuer says:

    I would like to leran more about how to get involved with your system.

    • I generally do a webinar to explain the system in detail and answer questions that come up. I just did a webinar recently, and I’m not sure when the next one is. I can send you a replay in the meantime; it may at least answer some of your questions and then you will have a better idea of what things need more clarification. Again, it may or may not answer all of your questions…it might even lead to some questions you hadn’t thought of…but at least it’s a good first step to getting a handle on the program to see if it is something that might work for you….

  6. Bob Adams says:

    I read your 5Q Process guide, and I think you’re absolutely right!…I’m no more than one of a million “umbrella” salesman on the street…and I’m stuck in that quandary of figuring out how to differentiate myself from the pack…ie: my message of uniqueness…HELP!!

    • Bob,

      I’d suggest going through the steps outlined in that guide to create your own unique message. It’ll take some work, but it’s well worth the effort!

      Good luck!

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