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How to Make a Cold Lead Act Like a Referral

We would all love it if we could get all of our clients through referrals.  They are so much easier to make into a client, aren’t they? Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to create a highly successful practice based solely on … Continue reading

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Top 10 Lead Generation Mistakes Financial Professionals Make

Making it about you.  People don’t care about your logo…name…or accomplishments…They care about themselves and their own problems.  So, what do you think should be prominently placed on all of your marketing?  Your Logo? Or how you are going to … Continue reading

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Doctor Who

Many advisors are looking to build a practice of high-income professionals.  How do you do that? If you would like a step-by-step guide on a successful Physician (high-income) marketing program, simply email support@5QGroup with the subject line “Physician and Professional … Continue reading

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