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What’s Your Modus Operandi?

Want more spare time?  Want fewer mistakes?  It was proven three years ago that when the most highly trained professionals in this country (surgeons) started using checklists, mistakes and accidental deaths both dropped by ½…  And surgery times plummeted.   Now … Continue reading

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Want to Write A Lot More Business Next week… than you did this week? Do these 2 simple things.

For years Selling, Telling, Preaching and Teaching has helped salespeople make a living.  And if you want to just “make a living” I guess you can continue to run your meetings that way.  However, if you are ready to really … Continue reading

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Caution: To clarify… this is not the same recycled BS that every Guru brings up on the topic of referrals.

How would you like to bring in 50 high quality referrals a year?  The Royal-Loyal system does just that.  It requires some work… but very little money… to get you in front of the best possible prospects… your clients’ referrals.  … Continue reading

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