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Comments from advisors who’ve used the system…

Here’s what some of the advisors I’ve coached over the years have to say about me and the Whites of Their Eyes system: “I just want to say that everybody and every industry promises you they’ll do all these things … Continue reading

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Advisor questions & answers

I had a great question from an advisor, and wanted to share it with you: Advisor’s Question: “I really enjoyed that webinar and that 5Q. But I do have just a couple questions for you, it seems like it took … Continue reading

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How to Generate a Consistent, Quality Flow of Referrals from CPA’s and Attorneys

As an industry we have, in good faith, referred our clients out for tax preparation and legal work. We have ushered client after client out of our door and into CPA’s and attorneys’ offices. We have become their main source … Continue reading

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