Grab Your Prospects by the Nose

Do you want people to actually keep your mailers, letters and postcards… instead of throwing them away?  And maybe even share it with their friend, neighbor or relative?  Because… the longer they keep it around… the more likely they are to act on it.

Here’s a way to do it for free.

Instead of putting a normal stamp on your mail… opt for the USPO’s new “scratch and sniff” stamp.  It costs just a bit more, but makes it more memorable once they realize you sent them scratch and sniff.  When  you scratch the stamps it smells just as the picture shows… various popsicles… from mango and orange to root beer and cola.

You can tie it together to your offer with things like…

  • Better than an ice cream headache
  • Things aren’t always as they seem
  • Sometimes you need to pay attention to the extra value inside

These are just a few ideas… or come up with one of your own!  To find the stamps simply Google the phrase “scratch and sniff first class stamps”.

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Unique Invitation Gets Investors Attention

If everyone’s marketing looks the same… you are going to get diminishing returns on your marketing.  You’ve GOT to do something different to catch people’s eye.  That’s why I love this mailer!  It taps into what’s happening in the news… throws in an interesting tidbit that will get people talking… and has people re-evaluating their current investor relationships.

You can get it here, courtesy of 5Q Group.

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Quick Way to Boost Inquiries from Your Website

There is a simple, easy and free way to move yourself up the search page for when somebody searches for financial help online.  What do you do?  You simply put your address on every single page of your website… not just the contact page.

The more the search engines see your address… the more likely it will move you up the list when people either ask for “nearby” help… or when their computer or phone has their location identifier on (which is most times).

There you go simple and no-cost!

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More than Triple Your Prospects Rate of Return… INSTANTLY

Most brokerage cash accounts are paying 0.1 to 0.3% interest. It is very simple, even in the low interest rate environment that we are in to find an FDIC insured savings account paying around 2% interest. Presto! You’ve given them a 1000% boost on their income.

You can now use the distrust you’ve instilled, in that their current advisor has been taking advantage of them to get the money moved to you.

To take advantage of this… create a postcard with the message on the front side…

Your broker doesn’t want you to see this postcard

And then on the backside write a handwritten note…

Hi [Name], if you have a cash just sitting in a stock brokerage account, there is an easy way to get triple the interest on it using an FDIC insured account.  Give me a quick call and I can fill you in.

Thanks! And look forward to speaking with you.

[Your Signature]

When they call, ask them what they are earning on their cash account.  If they don’t know, it’s almost guaranteed that it is a pittance.  Tell them you have a way them you have a way to triple what they make on their cash account… with FDIC and you’d love to show them how.

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Package Your Offer the Right Way…literally

It is more and more difficult to get people’s attention… and if you don’t get their attention, you aren’t going to be able to show them how much what you offer, can help them.

So, why not package your offer differently…literally.  This idea is fantastic for booths at investment, community or senior expos.  Find an unusual little container…it’s easy to do.  Just Google “unique small containers” and many suppliers will come up.  These containers usually run about 30 cents each, so not a huge investment.

Here’s a couple of ideas on how to use this (warning: these are corny BUT they will get your message read!

  • Buy heart shaped containers (30 cents) and put candy hearts in them with a note on top asking, “Want your clients to love you? Take just one minute and read the 3 things they’ll get when you offer them [your product or technique].
  • Buy empty lipstick tubes (15 cents) and roll up both a dollar bill and a message and put it into the lipstick tubes… then glue stick it to a flyer with your Unique Selling Proposition. The message should read, “Lipstick on a pig CAN be a good thing!  Take just a minute to look at [Your unique product of offer] and you’ll soon smell the bacon because your clients will love it!”
  • Or if you are willing to spend a bit more, Google “cheap Aladdin’s lamps” and you can find them for $3. Then put your folded up offer and a “golden” Sacagawea $1 dollar coin in the lamp.  Have a banner “Make Your Wishes Come True By Rubbing the Lantern!”  People will be lining up at your booth to get theirs.
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Sing for Your Sale

Have you ever had a prospect ghost you after saying they wanted to move forward?  After a few polite, professional voicemails are you starting to get the feeling they are avoiding you?

You’ve got to do something to get their attention… and maybe even chuckle a bit.  I had an advisor leave this message on his 4th attempt to get the prospective client to call him back…

“Bob and Mary, I know you are busy… or maybe even putting off speaking with me for a bit.  So, it’s time for drastic measures… all future calls will be me singing my messages.  Save yourselves! Don’t put yourself through the agony of listening to my singing voice!  Give me a holler back, even if it is to tell me you’ve changed your minds… cuz’ that’s OK too! It’s your money, I just don’t want you to fall through the cracks.”

He says this works quite often… and YES!  He does follow through with a couple of “singing” voicemails after that… and he says that works even better!

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8 Ways to Get More People to Respond to Marketing

You should keep these 8 things in mind with all your marketing:

  1. Make it easy for people to respond. Allow your prospects to respond by phone, text, email, mail… or even walk in for your offer (whitepaper, free report, etc.)
  2. Make it an offer they can’t refuse. You NEED to have a Unique Selling Proposition.  If you don’t have one… don’t spend a dime on any more marketing until you get one.  If you want some help you can get my free step-by-step manual on how to create one that will make you stand out… courtesy of 5Q Group.
  3. A picture paints a thousand words. Make sure your graphics do the same.
  4. Use clear, concise and snappy copy. Make sure a person with a 7th grade education would get the point you are making.
  5. Action! Get them doing something.  You can do this with stickers, tear-aways, peel-offs, or even quizzes or riddles.  Get them involved in your ad.
  6. Are you easy to find? Make sure your contact information is both complete AND easy to find on all the pieces in your advertising.
  7. Give them a guarantee. Yes, I know in our business we can’t guarantee returns or product performance… but get creative and come up with a guarantee that is enforceable for meeting with you or coming to a seminar.
  8. Give them a dead line. Yes, they are skeptical of deadlines… so make yours real and don’t waffle… and people won’t take the risk of missing your deadline again
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Get Your Message Out There Big Time!

In order to get people to see your message… you have to be doing things… AND putting your message places your competition doesn’t.

How many of your competitors are advertising on bill boards?  Think about it… thousands of drivers are forced to see your message every day!  Not one and done… but every day!  And they are a captured audience.  They are trapped in their car and they can’t turn the channel… delete… ignore… or throw it away.

Outdoor advertising isn’t cheap… but what advertising is?  If you decide to go big by putting your message on a billboard, here are 4 things to keep in mind:

  1. Make it memorable – It is worth investing in some help to come up with a great message and graphics. And remember, you’ll own the ad… so you’ll be able to use it in all sorts of other ways and places as well.
  2. Put it where people will see it – High traffic places cost more, but it makes no sense to save money and then no one sees your message.
  3. Make it different – Take a look at all the other billboards around… and make sure yours stands out by being different.
  4. KISS – The old adage of Keep It Simple Stupid holds here. Remember, they are only going to get a few seconds to read your sign.  Make the image work for you. Your verbiage should be big, short and to the point!
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FIA’s Are More Liquid than Money Management?

This script gets a client to tell you that a 7-year surrender annuity is more liquid than a money management account.

This short video gives you the exact script that gets a client to TELL YOU… that an FIA (with a 7-year surrender) is MORE liquid than a Money Management Account…

  • Obviously, my friend doesn’t want to have this presentation floating around the internet, with other people taking credit for it… but he’d be happy to send it to you at no charge, just shoot an email over to my friend Jeb at Put “Liquidity” in the subject line and he’ll email you the video. ** Please check your SPAM/Junk folder if you don’t receive the requested video **

Just think how powerful it would be to have clients telling you that FIA’s were more liquid than Money Management accounts!

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$2 and Some Sleight of Hand Lands a Client

Has somebody ghosted you?  Want to get them to call back… or even reach out to you on their own?  I just used this idea with one of my advisors and it worked perfectly!

We went online and found directions on how to fold $1 bills into a boot.

He then enclosed 2 boots in a small priority mail box from the USPO with a handwritten note:

Mama need a new pair of shoes?  Let’s get going on our plan to reduce those fees and fix the things we talked about… and you’ll have plenty of “found” money to buy whatever you like… or, you can keep giving it to your broker?  Call me  xxx-xxxx

After over a month of no contact… guess what he got?  A call… an apology for not getting back to him… and a new client.

Think out of the box!  Put smiles on people’s faces!  When you do, people want to work with you.

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