This Makes People Smile… and Pick up the Phone When You Call

Nothing happens until you are conversing with your target prospect.  If they are ignoring your marketing, emails, flyers, seminars, webinars… essentially giving you the palm… how do you bust through?  The best way to lower someone’s defenses is to get them to smile.

One of the best ways I’ve found to get people who ignore all contact to smile is what I call the “Interesting Questions” postcards.  It is a series of postcards I send to my prospects that will give people a smile and, most likely a factoid or thought they will want to share with a friend or family member. 

These postcards are NOT financial in nature, but instead fun things that get them to smile.  I’ve found that after receiving several of these, when I call or leave a message that identifies myself as the one sending the postcards… they will take the call and are nice about listening to my offer. 

Can we ask for more than that from somebody who previously completely ignored us?

What kind of postcards and messages am I talking about?  I’m offering them free, courtesy of 5Q Group.  Download it here.

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Become Your Audience’s Source of Information to Get Them Talking to You

A really easy way to get a conversation going with your target audience is to curate quality content from other sources, be they online, magazines, podcasts, or blogs.  It’s completely OK to borrow content from other sources as long as you credit the source.

Remember, this is your industry, and you are immersed in what’s happening.  New ideas… techniques to help your clients… changes that will affect people’s finances… the landscape is continually changing.  You are on top of it, but your clients are out living their lives.  They depend on you to keep them up to date on things they should know about or find interesting.

There are many tools out there to help you aggregate good information.  One that I use is Feedly.  It is free, and you can set filters to only send you articles that meet those requirements.  Sending free information to your target audience is an easy way to stay in contact and encourage them to reach out to you with questions.

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This Tool Gets Real Activity to Your Website

If you are looking to finally get people seeking and interacting with your website, the best way to do that is to have a retirement calculator available on your website.  You could opt for straight, plain retirement calculator… or better, use a very specific calculator.

A specific calculator could focus on one particular aspect of retirement planning, and that would make YOU the expert in that particular area, driving more people to reach out to you.

Here are some things you could focus on with your calculator:

  • Lifetime income using annuities
  • How healthcare costs could affect retirement
  • How to use home equity as an asset in retirement
  • Loss of one spouse on retirement income
  • Threat of Social Security insolvency on retirement income

There are entities that have calculator widgets you can purchase to place on your website… or, you can hire designers to create a calculator specific for you.  Designing your own can cost you a pretty penny, but it will also allow you to stand out from your competition and drive people to engage with you.

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Doing 4 Things will Create an Effective Unique Selling Proposition

First, why do you need an effective Unique Selling Proposition? Just as we mentioned in our previous article, you need to cut through the clutter… and a great USP does that.

Here are the 4 characteristics of an effective USP:

  1. When a prospect sees or hears your USP, they must think, “I understand why that would help me.”
  2. Then they must think to themselves, “I want that!” Your offer must include the word “get”, and it should be…
    • Relevant
    • Important
    • Urgent
  3. Your prospect must also conclude “I can’t get it anywhere else but here”. Some things to consider are:
    • A very specific focus on one of your offerings
    • A unique experience that you can give them
    • An exclusive status that you can give them
    • Something they can only get locally
  4. Lastly, they must think, “I believe what this person is saying”. Here are some helpful ways to accomplish this:
    • Quantify your offer. More specificity leads to more believability
    • Give them some verification with 3rd party resources

Creating an effective USP is one of the most valuable tools for building your business. Spend all the time and effort it takes to create one. If you do, your marketing becomes easy. People will continually walk through your door.

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Here’s How You Can Forge a Terrific Referral Relationship with a Property Casualty Agent

Property casualty agents are under attack from Progressive, Geico, USAA, Liberty Mutual, etc.  Everywhere people look, they are getting hit with commercials about DIY insurance companies.  Property Casualty agents are dying a death of a thousand cuts. You can help them conserve and grow their businesses… while at the same time growing your own!  I’ve put together a whole system to help you do this very thing.  I’m giving it to you, courtesy of 5Q Group.

Property Casualty Referral System

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Leverage Controversy to Create More Business

How do you get attention in today’s crowded environment?  The average American is bombarded with over 3,000 messages a day via TV, the internet, billboards, radio, etc.  How do you make your message heard?  Say something CONTROVERSIAL!

Even better, say something controversial that people will love!  A great example of that is when you should start drawing Social Security.  People want that money now, but they are being told by their advisors, experts, and the media that they should wait.  Nobody really wants to wait, so they would love to hear a reason why they should draw early.

There are lots of reasons to do so.  I listed a few I have heard of in one of my coaching calls:, I begin talking about this subject at 7:07.

So, what if your marketing and PR revolved around it?  Would you sound like everyone else or different?  Would most people LOVE to hear why they should draw early?  Yes, they would!  Would your local news sources love to bring their viewers something they’d love to hear?  Yes, they would.  If you don’t agree with this controversy, come up with your own… but if you want to cut through the clutter, you must stop sounding like everyone else!

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10 Excellent Marketing Ideas to Make Your Fall Marketing Brilliant!

Fall is just around the corner.  What are your plans to leverage it to bring in more business?  This article from NerdWallet gives you 10 ideas that you can use to infuse your marketing with fun and brilliance. 

Using current events, different seasons, and holidays is an excellent way to get people’s attention and get them to take action.  If you just use a couple of the ideas presented in this article, you can see some terrific traction.  AND, most of the ideas are inexpensive to incorporate!

Find the article here:

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Setting a Sales Goal Will Sink Your Business

The new science on goals is that they are not only ineffective… but can be really destructive to success.  But… there is something that you can replace goals with that has proven very effective.

Watch this video on how to create a constant pipeline of new business like clockwork.  The step-by-step process begins at 5:30 minutes into the presentation.

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One and Done Can Be Your Ticket to Successful Marketing

You could financially improve the lives of virtually anyone who walked through your doors.  But how do you get them in?  How do you get them to respond to your marketing?  Well, the first step is to figure out why they won’t respond to your marketing.  What are they afraid of?

Think about why you don’t want to go to that free weekend at a plush resort… your only cost is sitting down with the time-share salesperson.  99% of people turn down that offer.  Why?  Because they don’t want to be pressured into buying something.

Now I know you aren’t going to pressure someone who comes to see you, but they don’t know that.  In fact, in their minds, they are certain you are going to pressure them.  So, how do you communicate that you will not pressure them?

One experiment that has been extremely successful is the one-and-done offer.  Find something simple AND FINITE that you can help people with.  The offer should make it completely clear that this is a one-time meeting… to get this ONE thing done… and there will be no follow-up beyond it.

I created a referral system for my coaching clients in 2016 using this very concept.  I created a 7-document walkthrough that they could give to their clients.  Then, after the clients discovered the value of it… my advisors offered to go through the exact same documents with their friends and family at a one-and-done, ½ hour meeting. 

It works unbelievably well.  The advisors that use this concept average one referral for every 3 clients they have in their books.  100 clients… 30 referrals.  Not bad, right?

BUT… those referrals are only for one-and-done, ½ hour meetings… so where does the new business come from?  Ha!  Well, after the advisor has completed the ½ hour meeting (and given awesome value that the new prospect is blown away by), want to guess what they ask?  They ask… “What else do you do?” 

The advisor has just been invited to discuss all the other financial help they can offer. 

So, sit down and figure out a simple, value-added item you could offer that could be done in one meeting.  Then, get that offer out there with the emphasis that there will be no pressure or follow-up (unless they ask you at the end).

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Want to Sell More IUL to Boost Your Profits this Year?

Have you ever explored a unique product that will surprise your client and boost your profit margins?  Try Indexed Universal Life Insurance.  It has unique properties that clients love… but, more importantly, have never heard of… and that is a terrific way to get prospects’ attention.

In the video link below, I walk you through a simple, quick, and effective IUL presentation.  I also cover a piece of software that basically sells IUL for you (I get no kickback from the company, but I will tell you, I personally bought IUL for myself after a ½ hour walkthrough of the software with my current situation). It is powerful and at least worth a look.

The information covering IUL starts at 12:14 into the video:
* Please note, since the filming of this video, the software URL has changed. For more information, visit

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