3 Powerful Tips that Turn Prospects into Buyers

Your message must GRAB your potential client immediately.  It doesn’t matter if it’s for marketing, referrals or an elevator speech… your message has to cut through the clutter and grab them.

There are 3 basic ways to accomplish this:

  1. Don’t talk… DEMONSTRATE—For example, when I’m talking to a client about how much in fees and taxes my plan can save them… I DON’T talk… I demonstrate.  I reach into my drawer and count out hundred-dollar bills, real ones.  They now get that this isn’t theory.  We are talking real money they are bleeding each and every month or year (you can scale it as you need to).
  2. Use case studies—people want to know how what you are offering them… has benefited people just like them.  They want to live it vicariously.
  3. Call to Action—at the end of your message, whether it is on paper, a website, email or in-person… at the end of your message you MUST give them a call to action.  Tell them exactly what the next step is.  Research shows that when you tell people exactly what to do… and amazing amount of people will do it!

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What If Everything You’ve Been Told About Financial Marketing is Wrong?

With something as vital as marketing, you can’t afford to be barking up the wrong tree.  Great marketing can make a crappy financial adviser, fabulously successful… but the wrong marketing can put the best financial adviser on the ropes.  Unfortunately, life is not like the Field of Dreams, just because you build a knowledgeable practice… does not mean they will come.

Download, at no-cost, the whitepaper, What if Everything You’ve Been Told about Financial Marketing is Wrong?  In it you will find the ONE thing that sets you apart from others.  If you master this concept, your marketing and referrals will rocket up.

Get it here.

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Income Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

What are all retirees looking for?  How to get the highest income with the least amount of risk.  But doesn’t every advisor… tell every client… that they have the answer for that?  But guess what!  All the answers sound the same! 

In today’s world you have to sound different… be different… come up with different ways to solve people’s problems… IF YOU WANT TO STAND OUT!

You’ll find all sorts of ways to approach the conversation about a client’s income differently, in this hour-long presentation.  It is chocked full of entertaining anecdotes and stories that get people thinking, “Hey!  I never thought of it that way.  Finally, an advisor that makes sense!  I need to talk to this guy.”

Watch it here courtesy of 5Q Group

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New Research Gives You the Key to Selling More

Do you sell by your gut… or the way you were trained years ago?  If so, you are probably WAY less successful than you could be.  We are in the Golden Age of selling psychology research.  We now KNOW…

  • What makes people want to buy from you. 
  • How you can communicate to get your point across more successfully
  • The most effective methods of persuasion and influence for any situation or demographic

Watch this 60-minute video that will give you a dozen ways that could make your next sale easier.

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Here’s How You Get P&C Agents to Refer

How do you get a Property Casualty agent to open their huge book of business to you?  I have a Step-by-Step system for that!  I’m willing to give it to you, courtesy of 5Q Group. 

Here’s what you’ll get in this 13-page guide:

  • How to identify which agents to approach
  • The letter you should mail to them
  • The script for your face-to-face meeting with them
  • How to help them get their clients in front of you
  • Numbers that convince the P&C agent they HAVE TO refer to you

You can find it all here in the Property Casualty Referral System Guide

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Doggone Marketing is a Fun Way to Get New Clients

The average dog owner in the U.S. spends $126 on their pooch every month.  Many spend much, much more.  In total, over $70 billion is spent per year by dog lovers.

Dog people are passionate about their canine family member.  They love to be around people just like them.  So, have you thought about getting in front of these folks by doing what they love?  And remember… people work with people that are just like them.

  • Make sure your clients know that you have a dog friendly office… In fact, advertise that fact!  You’ll have people move to you, just because they can bring their buddy with them to their meetings!
  • How about sponsoring a Dog Parade that donates so much money per dog to the local humane society?
  • Sponsoring a Halloween Dog costume contest with prizes.  Better yet, notify the local news.  They love this stuff and you could get interviewed.
  • Get involved with one of the many rescue groups that are out there.
  • Make sure your dog appears in your marketing as well!  Have you ever been to a store where the resident pooch is beloved?  I have been to several in my life… and it’s the dog I look for first when I go there.
  • Give away dog toys with your company information printed on them.
  • Heck!  Rent a park and do a dog-friendly financial presentation!
  • Be creative… the possibilities are endless… or tailless!
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Ask yourself these 3 Questions

You can instantly make your marketing… bio… mail piece… seminar… or any communication you have with the public, INSTANTLY more effective by asking yourself these 3 questions.

Put yourself in the shoes of the client and ask:

  1. What’s Your Point?
  2. Why does it matter?
  3. So what?

That is exactly what your client is thinking… and if whatever you are presenting does not immediately give them an answer that is compelling… you are done.  They have moved on. 

Think about what goes through someone’s mind when they ask you what you do and you say, “I’m a Wealth Manager.”

They think:

  1. What’s your point? – “Isn’t everyone that manages someone’s money, a wealth manager?  I guess no need to pursue this conversation.”
  2. Why does that matter? – “I’ve got a wealth manager, so I guess this guy and his story doesn’t matter.”
  3. So what?  — “I know 5 guys at church… 2 in rotary and 2 that play basketball at noon that are wealth managers too.”

So, what’s your chances of moving this conversation towards a possible business relationship?

What if instead you said, “I help people born between 1949 and 1959 use a little known tax code that allows them to reduce the tax they pay on their investment income to less than 1%”  (You are simply using a simple split annuity).

They think:

  1. What’s your point? – “I’m that age, that would apply to me!  I’d like to know more.”
  2. Why does that matter?  — “It matters a lot!  I hate paying taxes!”
  3. So what? – “So, tell me more… I’m the right age… I’m paying taxes on my investments… and I detest doing so!”

Be specific about how your offer fixes something that frustrates them, and your success will go way up.

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Which is Better for Business… LinkedIn or Facebook?

In the last couple of years, financial advisers using digital marketing has skyrocketed.  You’ve most likely seen or been approached from providers trumpeting their great success on either LinkedIn or Facebook.  So, which one is better?

Great question.  This article does a great job of comparing the two digital giants.

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Why Clients Don’t Take Your Advice… and how to fix it

Have you ever worked with a client where you can reduce their taxes… increase their return and income… reduce their risk and fees… MAKE THEIR LIVES AWESOME!  And they still don’t take your advice?

Watch this 40-minute video that will walk you through the research on why clients won’t pull the trigger… and more importantly the little changes you can make to get them to move to you.  It’s 40-minutes of your time well invested.

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10 Mind Tricks that Help People Close Quicker

The mind is a crazy, often irrational, machine… but if you know how to use that irrationality, it can help you get the client to work with you much faster.

Here are 10 Mind Leverage tools that you should be aware of when presenting:

  1. If you want someone to make a decision quickly, make the thinking easy for them by asking easy questions and using simple concepts.
  2. If you want people to think about things, make the thinking more difficult.  Make them have to work for the solution.
  3. When you use a simple, coherent story, people will be much more likely to make a decision or take action.
  4. If you want people to act different from the herd mentality… make a reference to money with words, pictures or actual (even fake) money.
  5. If you want people to agree with authority and expertise… use a message of death (stories, graphs, tables, etc.)
  6. If you want someone to accept a higher number… then, 30 seconds to a minute before you bring up that number… mention a higher number that would have to do with something unrelated.  This will anchor them to choosing a higher number just a minute later!  (use the reverse if you want them to choose a lower number)
  7. If you want someone to view an idea or thing in a positive light… make it familiar to them.  You can use metaphors or similes to do this.
  8. You can also use repetition to get people to view something in a positive manner.  Research has shown that if you keep your message simple and expose them to it to them 5 to 7 times… most people will begin to feel positive about that message.
  9. If you want someone to think a similar event will occur again… ask them right after that type of event has just happened. 
  10. People will answer much more quickly… and without much thought… if the print is easy to read.  Keep this in mind with your seminars!  Keep your slides simple and easy to read!
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