Value-able Marketing

In the research report Evaluating the Cost of Sales Calls, over 90% of buyers stated they wanted more value and less selling… they want the people selling to them to be resources for ways to make their lives better.  Unfortunately, buyers said they experience the opposite 69% of the time.  And only 39% of buyers felt that the people marketing to them understood their needs, instead of just selling to them.

In the research report, How Clients Buy, 85% of buyers reported that the people who sold them made major mistakes.  Some of the top errors were not listening and not understanding needs.

So, how do you get your marketing to be more value oriented and ensure the client that you understand their needs?  Use Value-ad Lead Magnets.

Definition of Lead Magnet from

A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away for the purpose of gathering contact details; for example, lead magnets can be trial subscriptions, samples, white papers, e-newsletters, and free consultations.

Here’s some examples to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Do you have retirement calculators on your website?  There are many services that you can use to create calculators for you… is a great place to start.
  • Tax reduction tip sheets available on your website?
  • Hiring a shredding truck and host a shredding event
  • A Sign-up for your monthly newsletter on your website?
  • A white paper give-away describing the 10 Biggest IRA Mistakes
  • Teach a community class on the 5 Biggest Retirement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them… or any other topic on which you have expertise
  • A guide to how to leverage employee stock options can attract high earners

These are just a few of the ideas, but you get the drift.  With these types of lead magnets, you’ll attract people that are interested in the things that you do best.  It’s a Win-Win!

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4 Traits found in Retired Boomers… Are you tapping into them?

Ken Dychtwald of Agewave, who many believe to be the world’s foremost expert on Boomer Retirees says Boomers have four traits: idealism, anti-authoritarianism, eagerness to embrace change and self-improvement.  How many of these are you leveraging in your practice and marketing?

Are you saying your products and services are right for all retirees?  If so, big mistake.  Boomers think… I’m not everybody!  I’m ME!  I’m special. 

Instead of saying you work with retirees, talk about the types of people who you have worked with successfully.  Describe them in detail or better yet, tell a story.  If you can paint a picture in your potential client’s mind of the type of investor with whom you’ve had success… they can then decide for themselves if you’ve described something that applies to them.

Keep in mind with Boomers… they are always thinking, “You aren’t the boss of me!”  They want to feel as if they are making their own decisions and not being sold something.

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Marketing With a Bang… on a Budget

How can you effectively market with no or little marketing cost?  Find out how in this 43-minute video.  You’ll learn how to leverage your professional strengths into new clients with virtually no capital outlay.

Better yet, you’ll get the greatest marketing hack of all time and how you can use it for your business too!  AND, you can get the any of the 32+ systems we talk about in the video, at no-cost, courtesy of ECA Marketing.  Give Matt or Jerry a call at: (877) 941-9710 to get any of the systems we have available.

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Lead Generation Done Well

Lead generation will do 3 things for you

  1. Generate short-term leads
  2. Generate long-term leads
  3. Create brand recognition

That said, lead generation should provide measurable ROI over a measurable period of time.

Research has shown that of financial leads, about 25% are short-term and 75% are long-term.  Of course, we would like all of our leads to be short-term… they have a need right now and we have the solution, so they will close quickly.  Yes, sometimes this will happen, but if you don’t pay attention to the other two aspects of lead generation, long-term and brand recognition, you are flushing money down the drain. 

Another aspect of short-term leads is that these people are probably looking at other solutions as well.  You will most likely not be the only person pursuing the business.  If the prospect knows they have a problem, they aren’t just talking to you.  Do you sign up with the first roofer you see on the internet when you need a new roof?

That’s why the most successful firms pay particular attention to their long-term leads.  There are more of them, and if handled right your prospect will come directly to you when they have a problem vs. shopping around.  Some advisors lament that the 2, 4, 6 month or even a year waiting period is too long.  But remember, not all prospects wait a year… some it takes 2 months… some 4… some 6 and some a year.  That means if you have an on-going lead generation system, you WILL have someone to work with continually.

How do you correctly handle long-term leads AND generate brand recognition to create the most effective lead generation?  Drip Marketing.  Send them helpful, value-driven and fun information continually.  It is cheap and easy to do.

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I Object!  To the old, tired, and tremendously damaging way we’ve been taught to overcome objections

If you have ever received sales training, you will be familiar with the classic formula to overcome objections:

  1. Listen and hear them out (this is a great thing to do!)
  2. Put in a softening statement—feel, felt, found.  I understand how you feel… many of my clients felt this way (STOP!!! This is a HORRIBLE thing to do.  People are on to this BS.  They see you coming from a mile away and will doubly prepared themselves for whatever you say next.
  3. Question them to isolate the objection… “What is it about ______ that makes say that?
  4. WRONG!  They know the only reason you are asking these questions is to back them into a corner and try to force them to buy.
  5. Answer the objection
  6. If you try and answer their objections, they know the only reason you are doing so is to sell them something… and they will fight you!
  7. Confirm your answer… “Does that make sense to you Mr. Client”
  8. They don’t want to argue so they say, yes.  But then you find out in the end that yes was not really a yes… but instead just a word to shut you up.
  9. Ask for the deal – NOPE!  When you ask, they’ll say yes to get out of your office… and then they’ll leave a message on your voice mail, after hours, to cancel the deal.

So, if those things don’t work… what does?

I’m offering you, never before access, to some of our 5Q sales training absolutely for free.  You can access 150 minutes of video training walking you through a process that not only overcomes 100% of objections… no matter what they are… it will also turn the normally high stress objection situation… into a RAPPORT building tool! 

You can access those trainings here:

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See, Hear and Feel the Profits Roll In

How do you, me and other people process information?  50% process based on what we see… 38% primarily on what we feel… and just 7% on what we hear.  So, how do you capitalize on this?

You want to use descriptive and vivid language (or better yet, pictures) to capture the visual learners.  Use sound-related language for the auditory folks.  An example of this would be— “like hearing the crash of coins from a jackpot on the slot machine”.  For people who relate best to feeling you need to use tactile language— “Have you ever reached into the pocket of some pants you haven’t worn for months, and you feel a dollar in your pocket… and then you pull it out and it’s a 20-dollar bill?”

You’ll want to tap into all these senses in your marketing with the heaviest emphasis on the sight related language and pictures.  If you do, you will be much more effective in your marketing.  By using stories that tap into all the senses, you can leverage the 3 rules of advertising and presenting:

  1. Get their attention
  2. Communicate your main point simply and effectively
  3. Persuade the audience to think, feel, or act differently

Do this and you will be getting the biggest bang for the buck on all your marketing and presentations.

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Gotta Hit Them in the Gut

By the time someone has reached their early 50’s, they have had to make nearly 8 billion… billion with a B… decisions.  Up to this point, many of those decisions were well thought out. 

However, after making so many decisions, we all tend to think less and rely on our instincts.  We make more and more decisions with our gut.  That’s important for us to keep in mind as most of the decisions that our retired clients make will be much more centered on how they “feel” about the decision.

Any advisor worth their salt knows that emotions trump logic when it comes to clients making decisions… but then why do so many advisors whip out charts, graphs, and tables to prove their point?

Stop doing that!  You need to become an expert storyteller.  Just talking about features, advantages and benefits is not going help you close sales or get more people in your office.  In all your sales and marketing, make sure you are using emotionally compelling ideas, words, and pictures. 

Not sure if you are?  Simply show what you are doing to some of your best clients and ask them how they feel when they see it.  That will give you the answer as to how effective you are.

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Are You Tapping Into These Affluent Retiree Traits?

Research by the Boomer Project has shown that retirees (Boomers) have 6 dominant traits:

  1. Entitlement
  2. Personal Gratification
  3. Work ethic
  4. Control
  5. Optimism
  6. Won’t accept the status quo

Are you leveraging these traits in your marketing and business?

You can tap into their entitlement by emphasizing benefits that they are owed… but not receiving.  I actually put together a website that uses that concept.  You can check it out, to help you kickstart your own ideas on entitlement. 

You can tap into Personal Gratification with fun events like wine tasting or trips to baseball games.  They want to have fun and feel like they are being pampered (which is what you are doing with the WOW!  Experience we previously talked about.)

When you talk to retirees, emphasize how hard they worked to get where they are… good amount of assets… low debt… and good income stream.  When you do this, you are tapping into a trait that they are extremely proud of… their work ethic.

All your marketing should be emphasizing their need for control.  They have an overriding fear that control of their lives might be taken away from them.  It could be having to change their lifestyle because their money isn’t performing as they thought.  It could be having a health problem that causes them to have to change their living situation.  It could be law or economic changes, like Social Security changes, that makes them realize that how they thought things were going to go isn’t exactly how they go in reality.

That said, Boomers are optimists, so always end your marketing with a positive note… a can-do attitude.

And finally, tap into their need to rebel. That they can make things happen, that they do not need to put up with the status quo… they can do things “their” way. When you tap into these 6 traits, you are going to see your marketing and your practice grow.

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Are You Wowing Your Clients to Get Bigger Tickets and More Referrals?

You want more referrals?  You must WOW your clients.  Just keeping them satisfied may keep them as clients, but it isn’t going to get them to refer to you.  You must give them something to brag about.  Something that your competitors are not doing. 

You and your competitors sell the same things and offer the same services… so you must do something outside your normal range of offerings to get their attention.  You must surprise them to get them bragging about you to their friends.

I’ve seen dentists do this by putting TVs on the ceiling and offering foot massages during exams.   Does this make them better dentists?  NO!  But it does get their patients bragging about their dentist visit to their friends!

I’ve seen advisors do this by hiring a mobile car wash service to wash their clients’ cars in the parking lot during their appointments.  Do you want to bet these clients brag about it to their friends? 

Hiring a mobile car washing service is expensive and time consuming… that said, this advisor doesn’t care because he works with the cream of the crop in his town and it more than pays off for him.

But… what can any, and every advisor do to create some semblance of this type of over-the-top customer service?  I’ve created what I call the WOW! Experience that any advisor’s office can put together for their clients and prospects.  It creates that feeling that Norm from Cheers got every time he walked into the bar, and everyone greeted him with, “Norm!”  The best thing… is you can create this terrific experience for you clients for less than a couple of bucks per client.  If you are ready to take your customer experience to the next level (and get your clients bragging about you), download your free step-by-step manual, courtesy of 5Q Group, here.

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You are a Star!  But What Kind of Star?

If I Googled you and your business, would I see Google reviews?  If so, how many… how old… how many stars?  In today’s world, reviews matter.  How much time and effort are you putting toward your reviews and image?

Would you work with an accountant with fifty-seven 5-Star reviews… or one with 12 reviews at 4.3?  If you are like most, you are going to go with the former. 

So, how do you get people to review you?  If you have great service… some people will review.  If you have great service AND reward them… MOST people will review, you.

Six weeks ago, I got an invisible fence for my adorable pooch.  There are five companies that offer invisible dog fencing.  I chose the company with 158 reviews, all 5-Star… even though it was a company I’d never heard of before.

It was a fantastic choice!  They have been fabulous, but I never would have chosen them without the reviews.  I would have gone with best known company.  Funny, the best-known company had less reviews and a lower star rating.

I learned how this smaller company was able to foster such a remarkable review profile. 

  1. At the installation and training on the fence, the people were excellent.  Right before they left, they told us that in a month or so we would receive a request for a review.  If we did do the review… regardless of whether it was a good or bad review… they would send us a 5 year’s supply of batteries for our dog’s invisible fence collar.
  2. The next week we received a call asking how things were going.
  3. Over the next 4 weeks we received a text message each week and a helpful email with value added information each week.
  4. I replied to two of the texts and they got back to me with helpful explanations within an hour.
  5. And then, 5 weeks later we received an email with the request and links for a review (Yelp, Google or Angie) and reminded us that if we reviewed them… regardless of the review… they’d send us the batteries.  We only had to review on one platform.
    1. They even gave me a list of the kinds of things I could mention in the review
  6. I reviewed with a 5-Star, because I truly believed they deserved it… I notified them… and 2 days later I got the batteries in the mail.

Here’s the thing… even though I thought they gave 5-Star service… I never would have taken the time to do it if they hadn’t rewarded me… and made it easy by providing the link.

This is a simple process with stunning results… are you willing to do it with your business?  If you want more people in your office, it is worth the time and effort.

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