The Best Advertising is Free!

What’s better than free advertising?  It’s getting a high-quality 3rd party endorsement!

Do you regularly submit letters to the editor in your local paper? Are you invited to speak about topics on your local TV or radio?  Do reporters call you for your opinion?  The point is… do you have a Public Relations Plan?

Most advisors I talk to do not.  So, if you fall into the category of not having a Public Relations Plan, Hubspot has an excellent guide to help you called, “Guide to Public Relations”.

You can get it here:

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Duplicate Your Best Clients with This Simple Postcard

How would you like it if you had 2 or 3 clients on every block near your best client.  Would that be good?  Would that lead to getting even more clients in that neighborhood?  You bet it would for a bunch of reasons. 

If your clients truly love you and the service you provide, my Neighborhood Mailing System is a low-key way for them to help you find more people just like themselves.  It’s my New Year’s gift to you!

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Start With a Bang!

What if you could get a client to move ALL of their money to you at the first meeting?  They agree to move it before you have even done a lick of work for them… before you even show them what you are recommending.  Would that help you close more business?

Of course, it would! Ghosting after the first meeting would no longer happen and your sales cycle would shorten significantly.  Well, I created a first meeting script over 20 years ago that does just that. 

I know of over a dozen advisors that make over a million a year that use this script religiously.  I know there are many more because it is one of my most ripped off scripts and has been presented at some of the biggest FMO’s, by their biggest producers. Well, for the first time I am making it public for everyone to use.  You can find it here on a Coaching Call I did for my advisor clients last month.

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These Numbers Can Make or Break Your Marketing and Your Business

At the beginning of every year, we have high expectations for our prospects in growing our business.  If you’d like to change it from expectations to reality, you must know your numbers.  What is your ROI in all that you do?

More importantly, what is your ROI on your marketing dollars?  If you do not know what IS… and what is or is NOT working… it is difficult to run a profitable practice. 

Here are some numbers you should be tracking:

  • Responses to offers
  • Leads added to your warm list
  • Prospects-in-progress (long-term leads)
  • Stages of all the deals you have in your pipeline
  • The number of deals you closed last year
  • The income you generated per deal last year
  • Your income goal for this year
  • How many deals you need to close this year to hit that goal
  • How much marketing you need to do based on your results from last year’s marketing to get you in front of that many deals

Track your numbers and you will both save money… and boost your income.

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Annual Reviews with a Client Can Make BOTH You and Your Client’s Lives Better

Most advisors do reviews with your clients, which is a good thing for your clients!  But too few advisors use the annual review to leverage new business and income.  In the previous post, I illustrated one tool successful advisors can use to leverage their annual reviews for new business… but say you aren’t interested in that full program and just want the “nuts-and-bolts” version.  I’ve got you covered!

Here’s a great checklist to use with your clients to uncover needs that will both help you provide value to your clients and possible leverage to find new business.  Yours courtesy of 5Q Group.

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Get Free Access to a Tool that has Made Advisors Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars… with ZERO Marketing Cost

More money… No marketing costs… and can be implemented immediately.  Sounds like the perfect marketing program.  If used correctly, it is.  It has been used by hundreds of advisors over the last 10-year period to jump start their businesses or to break through plateaus. 

Too much hype?  Yep, that’s why I’ll show you exactly what it is… how it works… and how you can get access to it for free.  Just watch this coaching video I did a few months back. It will walk you through it step-by-step. 

The segment walking through this marketing program begins at minute 9:16 of the video.  If after watching the video, you’d like to access the program and software for free… just give us a call at (877) 941-9710 and we’ll get you going!

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This Target Market Makes up 1/3 of Retirees… and They are Going Virtually Unnoticed

  • Single, never married Boomers make up a surprising 13% of all Boomers
  • Divorced and separated makes up 16%
  • Widowed Boomers make up another 3%

Add those together and you get 32%.  What are you doing with your marketing and sales that is directed straight at them? Something that addresses their very unique wants and needs.  If you could be your territory expert on those wants and needs… you basically lock in a third of your marketplace.  Oh, and by the way, these people will be your best referrers.  They stick together!

Source: The Boomer Consumer

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Hmmm… Time for a Second Opinion

Looking for a great appointment getting idea?  Try this with your warm list.  Begin your letter speaking about the need for a second opinion.  Here’s some different ways you could do that:

  • Mary, you might be doing just fine but… if you only listen to one person… and that person makes their living off you, wouldn’t it make some sense to at least get one more opinion?
  • Mary, you may be doing just fine… but when the person you work with makes their living by selling you investments, wouldn’t it make sense to get a second opinion?
  • I’m sure your advisor told you about all the advantages of [what you invested in] with them… but did you hear any disadvantages?  Is there really such a thing as a perfect investment?  We’ve never heard of one, and we are looking all the time 😊.  Maybe it’s time to have just one other opinion to make sure what you are doing is the absolute best for you?
  • If you ask an advisor this one question… and they can’t answer it… RUN AWAY!  The question is, “Can you please tell me about the company Long Term Capital Management, and what lesson you took from their experience?”

Now, offer a free blood pressure monitor (you can get a decent one for less than $30) for anyone that comes in for an appointment.  Use the blurb, “To be Healthy and Wealthy… a 2nd opinion is always a must.”

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Make Leads Feel Like They’ve Been Referred to You

Which would you rather have?  A lead or a referral?  Duh, a referral.  But of course, leads are much easier to get. 

So, what if you could make a lead feel like a referral?  Would that be good?  Of course.  It takes some work, but it is worth it.

Here’s how you do it.  Create value-based offers like white papers, videos, podcasts, webinars, seminars, and research.


  1. Touch your prospects with these value-based offers over time in multiple ways
  2. Communicate with them 1-to-1 via snail mail, email, texts and phone calls about these offers
  3. Make your offer to meet about providing value… INSTEAD OF being about their money and investments

By providing your prospects a consistent flow of value-based information, you instill a sense of trust that your prospects will willingly give you and your firm.  Little by little that trust grows and it takes on the same type of power that makes referrals so valuable.  TRUST.

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Selling Financial Services is Extremely Difficult Because…

Financial Services are intangible, they are abstract.  People can’t touch, smell or taste them.  This makes it very difficult to clearly demonstrate why your services are needed or are good.  Difficulty in clearly demonstrating your service can lead to the following:

Difficult to conceptualizePeople can’t picture clearly in their minds your services or the good that they will do them
Difficult to evaluateBecause it is difficult to conceptualize, they will have difficulty evaluating your service.  They can’t figure out the value your service represents.
Uncertainty and riskBecause they can’t effectively evaluate your service, their perception of risk rises.  Any perception of risk, especially when selling financial services, is going to pour cold water on your possible success of converting that person.
Difficult to promote your offerWhen people can’t clearly picture your offer… and then have difficulty conceptualizing your offer… and on top of that, perceive that any change on their part is risky… you have a difficult sales situation.

Now that we understand selling our intangible service is difficult… how do we remedy that?  When you go into Costco or an ice cream shop, do they ever offer free tastes?  Why do they do that? 

How can you create a “free taste” of your services?  What can you do that will allow them to hold, feel, experience what you do? 

  • Provide a Preview of your services—show them how to create a digital executor and let them know why it’s important.
  • Give them something easy to accept—give them a cheat sheet on how long they should keep their household records, or any other “tip” type checklist.
  • Give them tangible research—provide them with a link to research something that has a direct impact on their lives.
  • Make it interesting—avoid huge amounts of details and instead get to the point about EXACTLY how something you offer benefits them.
  • Become a leader—become an expert in your area by cultivating relationships with your local community, newspapers, radio stations and tv stations about a specific expertise you have.
  • Mine your backyard—are there services that you offer that some of your current clients didn’t yet use?  Or maybe they aren’t even aware that you do?  You bet there are!  Go back and show them new and exciting things that you can do for them.
  • Rinse and repeat—once you have cultivated your specific area of expertise… constantly repeat your value-added offerings through every avenue available to you.  Something repeated constantly, and often, becomes TRUTH.

Make it your goal to make your services, as tangible as possible.

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