25 Sales Tips that Top Salespeople Swear By

Ever wonder why… even though you are smarter than your competition… they still make more money than you?  They aren’t more knowledgeable about investing… they know more about selling. 

Find what they do differently in this sales training video (starting about 16 minutes in).

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How to Get Your Town’s Movers and Shakers Seeking Your Help

Who do we want as clients?  Centers of Influence… Movers and Shakers… Thought Leaders… Why?  Because they can become a never-ending source of referrals for us!

But these people are besieged with people trying to cozy up to them.  How do you cut through the clutter and get their attention?  It’s pretty simple… and it only costs around $400. 

How much would it be worth having your town’s movers and shakers singing your praises?

Learn how to do just that in the 7-page guide, Toast of the Town courtesy of 5Q Group.

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A Dozen Successful Marketing Musts

  1. You must commit to a marketing plan.  If you go half-hearted… your results will be half-hearted.
  2. You must understand that marketing is NOT A COST!  It is an investment.
  3. You must be consistent with your marketing.  Stopping and starting your marketing sabotages your momentum and sales pipeline.
  4. Be patient… but be vigilant.  Sometimes it takes some time for marketing to pay off… but if it is not paying off… you have to change course and come at your marketing from another angle.
  5. Don’t hang your hat on just one marketing plan or technique.  Create a multi-faceted marketing plan… that way when one lags or fails… another will pick up the slack.  You should have one primary marketing source that could require a significant investment… but there are many additional things you can do to market, at very little or no cost.
  6. Remember that your profits come after the marketing… not before.  If you want profits to go up… your marketing has to go up.
  7. Make sure that all of your marketing makes it convenient for potential clients to get into your pipeline.  Remove all roadblocks, difficulties and speed bumps.  
  8. You MUST get their attention.  The average American is hit with over 1,000 marketing messages a day.  What are you going to do to surprise and amaze them?  What do you do that is different from everyone around them?
  9. You must track your marketing.  You need to track what you spend… and how it works.  Numbers are EVERYTHING when it comes to marketing.  It minimizes mistakes… and maximizes the things that work.
  10. Use marketing that gets clients involved.  You can use questions… quizzes… calculators… and any number of other things to create this involvement.
  11. You need to create a consortium of other businesses that have a symbiotic relationship.  You can grow your businesses together.  Where does your target market shop?  What services do they buy?  How can you work with those businesses to create a better and more valuable relationship with those shared customers?
  12. You must stay up on all the available marketing technology available to you today… or find somebody to do that for you.  You cannot afford to fall behind… the world is moving faster every day.
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A Picture Paints a Thousand Sales

What sells a person better?  An abstract idea or a concrete example?  A picture or a bunch of verbiage?

In the video below, you’ll get a bunch of great ideas on how to quickly demonstrate ideas that we use with our clients every day.  These “doodles” will have people understanding concepts it used to take you 10 minutes to explain… and instead, getting your point in less than a minute.  Better yet, they’ll remember your point much longer too!

Get lots of fun examples in this video (starting at 14:57 into it)

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Easy Way to Get a Big Hitter’s Attention

How do you get someone to take your call… or even better… call you?  There are a gazillion fun ways to do this, but the idea I’ll give you today is simple, easy and professional.

The first thing you must do is find the year the person was born.  If you don’t know… There is plenty of information on how you can do this online. 

People are always interested about “the good ole days.”  They wonder, what were things like when I was born?  You can capitalize on this in a unique way, by using the site www.papermags.com.  The site has actual magazines from all the way back to the 1930’s. 

You can even tailor the magazine to what you know about the person’s interests, because the magazines run the gambit…

  • Life Magazine
  • Fortune Magazine
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Time
  • Women’s magazines
  • Car magazines
  • Music magazines
  • Etc.

Now simply attach a handwritten note with a personal message… with a p.s. about wanting to speak to them for just a couple of minutes. 

Here’s an example:

Hi John!  I see from some of your posts that you enjoy classic cars as much as I do.  They just don’t make them like they used to.  I thought you might enjoy this Muscle Cars issue from when you were in high school!

Stay Fast,
Mike Advisor

p.s.  Think you could spare 10-minutes on the phone because I have a quick idea that could inject a little more oomph into your “car” account, to buy that Corvette you have your eye on.

Many times, they will reach out to you to thank you… but almost always, they’ll take your call.

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Simple Five Dollar Marketing Trick Brings in an Extra 3 or 4 Sales a Year

What would an extra 3 or 4 sales a year add to your income?  $40,000?  $50,000? 

Of course, this will not make you rich… but it’s certainly not a bad ROI on a $5 marketing investment.

How do you do it?  Get the step-by-step instructions in the guide… “Bump Up Your Sales”, courtesy of 5Q Group.  You download it HERE.

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Use this Email Hint to Get People to Call You Back

Use email the right way… and you’ll see your business grow leaps and bounds.  Use it the wrong way and you’ll drive people away.

Advisers regularly run into the problem of getting ghosted by somebody in the middle of their sales process. 

How do you get somebody to call you back?  The best way to get people to re-engage with you is to do these 3 things:

  1. Make them smile
  2. Provide value… BEFORE you ask for anything
  3. Make them feel a bit bad for ghosting you

Here’s an example email that would do those things…

Text Box: Hi Jim and Mary!  It still stings a bit that we weren’t meant for each other… but don’t worry, my wife gave me some ointment and a band aid and I’m doing better. 😊  
I absolutely enjoyed meeting and working with you and want to at least give you a bit more information that you may find helpful…
•	Here’s a link to a resource that could help with the [topic] we visited about.
•	I thought you might also find this article that outlines the best approach to do what we talked about
Hope you find it helpful! And oh, by the way… I’m not chasing you away… if you’ve just been too busy to get back to me, please just give me a holler and we can get going again.  Sound like a plan?
[You the adviser]

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The Latest Research on Selling and How to Leverage it to Close More Deals

If you use the tremendous amount of new research done in the last 5 years… you are going to close many more cases… and faster too.  This video walks you through the most important points from Daniel Pink’s book “To Sell is Human”. 

The rules for selling are so different from the techniques we learned when we first got into the business.  Heeding this research and making some small changes in your practice will greatly enhance your marketing… closing… and bottom line.

Watch here: https://vimeo.com/348187252

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Want a Sure-Fire Way to Get Prospects to Call You?

So, you’ve got a bunch of people on your warm list… but how do you effectively reach out to them, to get them back in your office?

Use psychology of course!  Most people suffer from recency bias… that means they think a similar event is likely to happen again… right after that event occurs. Here’s how to use that phenomenon.

You need to reach out to people about topics they have just heard about on the news last night… it’s what is disturbing them RIGHT NOW!

  • If the market tanked 500 points yesterday… shoot out an email about safe investments or re-evaluating portfolios for safety.
  • If interest rates were just raised or lowered… shoot out an email about how they can affect them in good or bad ways.
  • If they just announced another big tariff… send an email about how that could affect them and why their portfolio may need adjusting.
  • A big security breach at a national retailer… send an email about how they can protect their investment accounts and protect themselves from tax fraud.

We are all fighting for our prospect’s attention.  The best way to do that, is to piggyback on the hot issue of the day!

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Some Ideas to Give You an Edge Over Your Competition

In order to give you an edge over your competition, you need to look and do things differently than they do.  You need to stand out.  Here are some ideas to jump start your uniqueness…

  • Create fun, unique events that bring in clients and their friends
    • Bus tour of Christmas Lights
    • A dog-friendly happy hour
    • Let the sky and your imagination be the limit
  • Help a controversial cause… or hurt one
    • Take a loud stance for or against a tax law change
      • Levy on local taxes
      • Change in state taxes
    • Advocate for a local cause… save or clean up a park or river
  • Find an alternative place to get your message out
    • Tie your financial stewardship rules to those in the bible and approach places of worship with that message
    • Offer workshops for Ethical wills at Senior Centers, places of worship and 55+ communities
  • Leverage Timing
    • Retailors just had a breach and millions of people’s data stolen?  Do a Cyber Security or ID Theft workshop or mailer
    • Medicare Enrollment period?  Do a Medicare Workshop
    • Tax Season?  Do a tax reduction workshop
  • Instead of doing everything… Obsess on one element
    • Be the safety guy—not just with investments… but everything (ID theft, home security, etc.)
    • Be the tax-free investment expert
    • Be the “personal pension” expert
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