What Can You Learn From Hotel Towels?

Understanding the way people think can greatly enhance both your marketing and selling.  One of the world’s foremost experts on how to leverage how people think to persuade them, is Dr. Cialdini.

We can very easily use one of the lessons learned from an experiment he did with hotel towels. You’ve probably been in a hotel where they leave a card in the bathroom asking you to use less or re-use towels to “protect the environment.”

Dr. Cialdini wondered if he could improve on reducing towel usage with a different message.  He tried two separate message cards:
1. Most guests reuse their towels at least once during their stay
2. Most guests… who have stayed in this room… re-used their towels at least once during their stay

People were 26% more likely to re-use their towels with message #1… but were even more likely to re-use their towels when it was mentioned that people that stayed in that very room… had re-used their towels… 33% to be exact.

How can you use this fact?  The best way is through case studies.  Put together a simple 2-page example where people, just like your target market:
• Had a problem
• Tried your solution
• And were happy they did

Case studies are an extremely powerful tool.

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