Top 10 Lead Generation Mistakes Financial Professionals Make

  1. Making it about you.  People don’t care about your logo…name…or accomplishments…They care about themselves and their own problems.  So, what do you think should be prominently placed on all of your marketing?  Your Logo? Or how you are going to solve their problems?
  2. Spending money on “Branding” marketing.  Any advertising professional will tell you that branding takes MILLIONS of dollars…not thousands.  Save your marketing dollars for marketing that makes people contact you directly.
  3. Holding unrealistic expectations about marketing results.  Compare your results with other “like” marketing, just as you would investments. And understand, there is no holy grail, so maybe it’s time we all stop looking for it.
  4. Paralysis by analysis.  Make a decision and go with it…the only marketing guaranteed not to succeed is the marketing that doesn’t happen.
  5. Relying on only one type of marketing.  You need to be doing short, medium and long term marketing.
  6. Stop and Start marketing. Make sure that you don’t start and stop your marketing.  You should have your marketing calendar laid out 12 months in advance.
  7. Poorly executed marketing.  Misspellings…bad photos…lousy copywriting and graphics…You never get to make another first impression; don’t blow it on a bad one.  Do your homework and get professional help to make your marketing first class.
  8. No follow-through on leads and not nurturing your warm list.  Most people need to be touched several times before they will buy from you…how many times are you contacting them?
  9. Disjointed marketing.  All of your marketing should work together to promote your most valuable theme. 
  10. Blaming marketing for poor sales ability.  All marketing creates crappy leads.  If marketing created clients, the product companies would cut us out of the food chain immediately and go directly to the public.  Our job is to take crappy leads and turn them into clients.  I have seen two advisors working on the same block.  One making over $1 million a year and the other barely $100,000.  Both doing seminars…to the same demographic.  Want to guess what the guy making $100k’s complaint was?  Seminars only attract plate-lickers.  Hmmm.  Apparently the guy making $1 million had some magical way to avoid plate lickers…NOT!  He was just better at converting plate-lickers.  Make sure your selling skills are up to snuff.
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