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I had a great question from an advisor, and wanted to share it with you:

Advisor’s Question: “I really enjoyed that webinar and that 5Q. But I do have just a couple questions for you, it seems like it took some time to do that 5Q process and I am wondering when you are a member how is that process accomplished. I know you took like an hour of your time to do that and now I know there were dozens of people on the call so you did what you did, but as a member how is that done, or do you actually spend that kind of time with each member to accomplish that? Also you bring up a very good point about not buying a marketing system until you see the whites of their eyes and yes I agree with you 100% but what I am asking is what does that really mean and when investing in a marketing system what should I really be asking to actually see it’s not just all talk. What do you suggest? I am enjoying your messages your material and am looking forward to hearing from you.”


Thanks for your questions and observations.  You are absolutely right on target with your points on the 5Q. I actually only sit down and create customized 5Q USP’s with my private mentoring clients (and they pay me $40,000 a year).   Obviously, I cannot disclose their 5Qs and cannot develop 5Qs individually for when we are talking about a lot of advisors.  Your best bet is when I do another 5Q call (and I do them pretty often) be the loudest one on the call so I actually develop the 5Q using your input as the example… that way you get a customized 5Q USP without having to pay me a cent!  How’s that for a deal?

What I mean about not paying for something until you actually know it works… is simply just that.  Do not shell out a bunch of money… do not move your contracts… do not move your FMO or BD… do not take the time and hassle of flying out to see some “fantastic” marketing system… until they show you EVERYTHING… not just some teaser or promises… BUT EVERYTHING.

If what they have is great… you’ll obviously be willing to jump through whatever hoops they give you to jump through… but don’t jump through any hoops based on their teasers or promises or even testimonials (just because something worked for one guy doesn’t mean it will work for the next.)

If they refuse to show you EXACTLY how it works… it probably doesn’t work and they don’t want you to know until they have what they want from you.

Simply put… When they say, “Show me the money”

You should say… “After you show me the system.”

I totally understand your question because virtually nobody out there pedaling their miracle cures is willing to do this… but that is what advisors need to start demanding. 

Would you buy a used car based on a promise that it runs great in a want ad?

What if they gave you a carfax but wouldn’t let you see or drive the car (a carfax is only going to tell you if it’s been in an accident… but not how it runs)

What is the only proof that will satisfy you in order to give them the cashiers check?

A test drive…

And heck, with what most of these marketing companies are requiring from advisors to get their miracle cures… it could be a lot more than what a used car costs…

So why not require the marketing companies to give you a test drive, before you commit to them?

Does that make sense?

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