8 Business Card Blunders

  1. DIY – Save the Do-it-Youselfing for your home projects.  Your business card is a projection of you… you want it as professional as you can possibly get.  High quality paper, printing and fonts.
  2. Going Cheap – Business cards are cheap, so SPLURGE.  See above!
  3. You What? It should be readily apparent… immediately upon review… what your business is and what you do.
  4. Not Having a USP – I always recommend that my advisors use my 5Q USP which immediately gets people asking, “How do you do that?  Tell me more.” – Isn’t that the real purpose of a business card? (If you haven’t received my 5Q USP report, email support@5Qgroup.com with 5Q USP in the subject line).
  5. Going Big – Don’t go with an oversized card.  Being different is great, but if it won’t fit in a wallet, it’s going to get thrown away.
  6. Going Small – Make sure your font is not too small!  It should be really easy to read… no squinting allowed!
  7. Cluttered Card – Yes I know that you are required to put a lot of disclosure info on it AND I just told you to have your 5Q USP on your card… so use the back of the card for your USP!
  8. Drab and Drury – Consider getting some professional help to lay out your card with a bit… but not too much color, to make it pop.  A judicious use of color goes a long way but get some help in that department if you’re not the designer type.
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