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When you understand how and why people buy… your job goes from the hardest, low-paying job in the world… to the easiest, high-paying job in the world.  When you understand what gets people to buy, your marketing and selling becomes easy.

There has been a huge amount of science being conducted on this very topic in the last few years.  The book, NeuroMarketing, by Patrick Renvoise and Christophe Morlin explores the Neuroscience of persuasion.  They nicely break down the 5 things we can do to persuade people to purchase from us. 

Here’s an easy way to remember these 5 important elements:

S   Simplicity.  Keep the message short, sharp and simple and we’re more likely to believe it is true.

P   Perceived self-interest.  Con men agree it’s the key to getting us to do something we didn’t think
      we wanted to do.

I    Incongruity.  Surprise people.  Tell them your cupcake is 400 cents rather than $4 and they are
      far more likely to buy it.

C   Confidence. The more confident you are, the more we believe you’re right.  Even when we know
      your facts are wrong.

E   Empathy.  Look people in the eye… nod when they nod… tell them you believe the things they
      believe… we trust people who are just like us.

You may have noticed that con men actually do use this formula very successfully… that does not give you the license to do so.  Use this knowledge ethically.

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