What is Marketing Supposed to Do, Anyways?

I personally made $967,000/yr. income… in a territory with only 12,000 target market households… by selling to…

Crappy Prospects!

All marketing creates crappy prospects… if financial product companies could come up with marketing that pre-sold people, they would cut us out of the loop in a heartbeat. We’re their biggest expense!

All marketing creates crappy prospects.  Anyone that tells you different is trying to get you to buy their marketing (and I’ll bet the only million they’ve ever made, was getting advisors to buy their marketing).

You see it’s our job to turn crappy prospects into clients.  All the guys I know that make over a million a year (over a dozen of them) all make that money with crappy prospects.  They’re just very good at converting crappy prospects into clients.

So, absolutely find marketing that puts people in front of you… but make sure you are also getting a selling process that closes those people… even if they are crappy prospects!

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