What one little tool gave this salesman the Guinness Book World record for sales

Joe Girard sold 13,001 cars in 12 years…and all of them to individuals!  Not fleet sales. That’s more than 3 cars a day!

How did he do it? Lots of different ways (which is a lesson in and of itself) but one of his biggest tools was his business card and how he used it.

Your business card must have two things that almost every advisor’s lacks

  1. Your offer or the thing that makes you different from all your competitors.  The advisors I coach put their 5Q USP on the back of their card which invariably gets the people that they hand it to asking, “How do you do that?”   And presto, you are into a possible selling situation.
  2. Your card must stand out!  Check out this link to 100 awesome and original business cards:

Once you have this business card…make it rain business cards!!! Girard attached his to everything…restaurant bills, monthly bills, bulletin boards…. Heck, he even through handfuls of them up every time his favorite football team scored a touchdown at the stadium.  He handed out 16,000 business cards a month. Does it work?  Dude!  3 cars a day?

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