24 Tight, Tactful, and Telling Elevator Statements

How you describe what you do, can be the difference between a quick sale… and a quick exit.

When you have an astoundingly interesting “elevator statement”, you can hook people instantaneously. Your goal is to get them to say, “How do you do that?”

If you think about it, how do people know what you do? You don’t wear a label that they can read that tells them what you do…and if you let them make up their own minds about what you do…they are probably going to lump you together with all of your competition!

Saying “I’m a financial advisor” or “I’m a retirement specialist” makes you sound like every other financial advisor or insurance agent they’ve ever met. Conversation over.

You must immediately differentiate yourself from all of your competition. Get people to understand in 30 seconds that they don’t want to speak to you more… but absolutely NEED to speak to you more. You can best accomplish this by sitting down and creating a killer “elevator statement” using the 5Q Process™ outlined below or any other process that helps describe what you do in a manner that shows why you are different from your competition.

However, many advisors find it hard to get the creative juices flowing so I’ve included some examples of elevator speeches to get you started…BUT don’t just grab one of these to use – instead use them to create one that describes you and your practice!

“I have a team that specializes in building and preserving wealth for dentists by utilizing the recent Supreme Court ruling”

Would dentists ask, “What ruling was that?”

“I increase teacher’s pension income by over $250 a month using a special clause in the recently passed 2010 Minnesota Omnibus Bill.”

Would a teacher ask, “How exactly does that work?”

“I create tax free income for people born before 1961 using the little known exclusion clause in the IRS Code 1.72(c).”

Would anyone 60 years and older say, “How does that tax code work? Would it work for me?”

Did you notice how these really effective elevator statements are directed toward a particular target market? (dentists, teachers, people over the age of 60)

The more specific an “elevator statement” is, the more effective it is. Notice that the above statements not only carved out a target market but also hinted at a specific solution:
• Supreme Court ruling
• 2010 Minnesota Omnibus Bill
• IRS Code 1.71(c)

Specificity sells!

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

In this colorful approach, advisors relate their value to some vivid image the listener can picture immediately. What variation on this theme would you create?

“You know how the wind will blow a boat straight across the lake…but when a trained sailor controls that wind, they can move their boat straight into it successfully? I do the same with people’s taxes.”

“Do you know what a dream catcher is? I help people achieve their dreams either faster or cheaper than they ever thought possible.”

“Did you ever see the movie Top Gun? You know where they talk about the importance of a wingman protecting his buddy’s hind end when he is concentrating on a target? I do the same thing for small business people. I watch out for all the regulations, unforeseen events and tax problems that can sneak up on them while they concentrate on growing their business.”

“Have you ever heard of a liger? I am a “CPAttorney”! That rare but very valuable animal that can protect you from the tax beast! Truth be told, I am a CPA and attorney, I am able to manage my wealthy clients’ tax, legal, and financial strategies so we can work together to protect their financial futures.”

“I perform “stress-ectomies”. I work with retirees in showing them how to reduce their financial stress and anxieties, and how to enjoy their money.”

“Have you ever looked at the directions to put together an IKEA piece of furniture? I put together peoples “financial furniture”. I take the gibberish and complication out of people’s financial situations and put them together quickly and efficiently so they can enjoy them.”

The Rhetorical Question

Asking people questions that immediately paints a picture for them is a powerful way to get them to understand what it is that you do.

“Do you think billionaires do their own taxes and investments? Well, I do the exact same thing for people with $500,000 or more in assets and I can do that with some unique technology that I use.”

“What do they require of new buildings that are built on or near earthquake fault lines? I work with people that believe that our economy will have some bumps and grinds as well and want their lives to withstand any unforeseen quakes or shakes.

“You know when large ships or submarines are made with watertight compartments? One compartment flooding prevents the whole vessel from sinking – I do the same thing for my clients and it provides them peace of mind.”

“I keep people fired or retired. You know how a lot of retired people in today’s economy need a second job to make ends meet, such as McDonalds? I make sure that doesn’t happen by putting together a point-by-point, easy to follow plan that I measure with my clients 4 times a year.”

The Fixer

You fix their problems…make sure to avoid sounding too scary! You are there to Help – not give them a heart attack!

“I’m a moat. I ensure people who can be specifically targeted for lawsuits are not only adequately protected… but attack proof.”
“I’m mortar. I make sure a family’s wealth does not crumble between generations.”

“We help clients within 5 years of retirement. We are kind of what they call a closer in baseball. The starting pitcher gets the team to the last few innings…but when things really count at the end – we make sure we cover all the bases and make sure nothing gets missed.”

It’s Not So Hard to Create Your Own Killer “Elevator Statement”

You can create a statement that will immediately give you great results with your marketing and referral programs. After all, no one knows your target market like you do!

Developing Your Own Elevator Statement with the 5Q Process™:

1. Figure out what keeps your target market up at night. What:
       a. Frustrates them
       b. Scares them
       c. Fills them with greed
2. Find that one thing that you do, that NONE of your competitors do, to address that problem.
3. Be very specific about what you use to address that problem. Specificity is something that they can check on, like an IRS Code or a Supreme Court ruling. They’ll never check it out, but knowing they can gives you immediate credibility.
4. Make sure it is brief and easy to remember. Keep it to 20 seconds or less.
5. TEST it! Try your new statement out on family, colleagues and prospects. If they say:
“How do you do that?” or “Tell me more.”

You now have a killer “elevator speech” that you should use everywhere! On your letterhead. In your marketing. As a tagline on your emails. Everywhere!

You will soon have people approaching you to ask about your expertise, instead of you having to spend thousands on marketing each year.

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