Most Advisors Score Low on Ranking Clients Concerns

Most advisors assume that running out of money is the number one concern of retirees… and they spend all of their time addressing it. 

It actually ranks 4th.    Here’s what the 2009 Senior Census discovered about retirees concerns. 

Top 10 Concerns in Order of Importance
1. Losing our health
2. Inability to care for ourselves
3. Losing our mental faculties
4. Running out of money
5. Inability to get good health care
6. Not being able to drive
7. Becoming a burden to the family
8. Ending up in a nursing home
9. Inability to work or volunteer
10. Being left alone and lonely

How many of their concerns revolved around health?  What are you doing to address your client’s health concerns?  If you want a leg up on your competition… consider becoming an expert in Medicare or at least collaborating with an expert in your town.

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