How to Sell “Psychically”… Really! The Power of Confidence

This is an amazing study.  I think we all know the importance of being confident but read this study:

A company set up “secret” dummy offices, manned by company personnel. The company then had new salespeople go out on 5 sales call… the last of which would be to the dummy office.  As you might expect, being new salespeople most failed to sell their first 4 appointments.

Their 5th sales appointment was with the dummy office.  The salespeople had no idea that these were dummy offices.  The people managing the dummy office were instructed to make it difficult for the salesperson to sell them… but to always let the salesperson win in the end with a sale.

Here’s the amazing thing! The salespeople were then sent back to the same 4 real prospect offices that rejected the salesperson the first time… and many sold all 4!  That is the  power of confidence!

(This very factor has allowed many of our advisors to sell huge amounts because they use a script that have been tested in the field successfully – not hundreds of times – but thousands of times.  Over a dozen advisors using the script have made over $1 million a year.  Now that’s a script worth having!  If you’d like to know how to get the script, give a 5Q Specialist a call at 1-877-941-9710)

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