Send This Letter and You’ll Start Collecting CPA Referrals

The Holy Grail of referrals is the CPA referral.  I used this letter to bring in 5 or 6 CPA referrals a year.  Now you might think 5 or 6 new clients isn’t much but guess what kind of clients CPAs refer… pretty good size ones.  The average case size was well over $250,000… my average compensation was over $10,000 per case so it added more than $50,000 income to my bottom line each year…

Total annual cost?  About $130.

Not a bad return on investment, eh?  So what did I do?

I simply sent a letter I designed to my new client’s CPAs within 2 days of them becoming my clients… and another letter to the CPAs once a year in December.  That’s it.  This letter worked so well because many of the clients I brought on shared accountants.  So when these accountants got 4 or 5 letters from me for each of the clients… what did they wonder?

Hey, how come this is the only advisor that does this?  And presto, my name pops into their heads the next time they see a situation that needs a financial advisor.  I might get only 1 referral from one accountant… 0 from 6 more… 2 from another…  1 from another… but they all added up to a great income stream with virtually no work or cost.

If you’d like to receive the letter I used, just CLICK HERE.

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