Have People Pay You to Market to Them

This concept has been around for ages but few advisors take advantage of it. I know an advisor in the town I live in that has a huge practice and he’s never spent a dime on marketing… in fact, people paid him to market to them.

What does he do?  Community adult education classes.  He has brought on 20 new clients a year by using this methodology.  Now 20 clients might not seem like much to you… but remember he spent ZERO on marketing so all of the profit from those clients went right to his bottom line.

Does teaching classes take some planning? Yes.

Does it take some creativity to come up with a topic that people will actually be interested in? Yes.

Does it take some patience to wait for each new Community Education catalogue to come out? Yes.

Can it grow your business for free? Yes… ‘nuf said.

About Mike Kaselnak

Michael Kaselnak is considered one of the top marketing and sales experts in the financial services industry. He has personally mentored over 300 financial advisors in the past 10 years. These financial advisors saw their average production increase by 62%. Many saw increases of over 300 percent. He writes articles that have appeared in many mainstream magazines and has written the popular report 300 Financial Headlines that sell.
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