A Sale from This Market Can Instantly Double Your Profits

Where do the biggest cases come from? I’m talking about the five, ten or even 20-million-dollar cases.  From a small businessperson that sells their business or retires.  AND, these are the easiest sales when you can find them.

But, finding them is difficult because generally the first time you hear a business is selling… is AFTER it is sold.  That’s too late.  That’s why I’m offering a guide on how to find them (see the link at bottom of this article).

But first, why are they the easiest sale?  While a small business is operating, the owner will spend almost all their time running the business.  It IS their investment, so they don’t spend a lot of time or money investing outside the business.  Thus, when they sell, a couple of things happen.

First, they have a pile of cash, millions of dollars, way more than they’ve ever seen in their life.  And they are nervous about what to do with it.  Second, they don’t have a lot of experience in investing because their business has been their investment up to this point. 

So, they are extremely easy clients to bring on… if they trust you. 

That’s why 5Q Group is offering this free guide to you.  Download the guide that will show you 1) How to find the businesses that are being sold… and
2) How to get them to trust you.

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