How Fit are Your Finances?

How old are people with the most money?  Yeah, 50 and up.  If you have been paying attention to the fitness industry, they get it.  There is more and more attention being paid by the fitness industry to those 50 and up.

Why not capitalize on this?  What happened to the fitness industry during 2020 and the Covid19 crisis?  It basically shut down.  Where is it now?  Has everybody returned to the gym?  Are their membership rolls as big and healthy as they once were?  A resounding no!

Why not approach local gyms and offer to team up for mini symposiums at their facilities?  A physical AND financial fitness check designed to cater to seniors?  You speak for a half hour… the fitness expert speaks for an hour.  You can both have booths set up with helpful information.

Also, you have a built-in list!  Their clients!  They can mail their client and prospect list saving you marketing dollars.  So, what are you waiting for?  Exercise that finger and start calling those gyms!

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