Easy Way to Get a Big Hitter’s Attention

How do you get someone to take your call… or even better… call you?  There are a gazillion fun ways to do this, but the idea I’ll give you today is simple, easy and professional.

The first thing you must do is find the year the person was born.  If you don’t know… There is plenty of information on how you can do this online. 

People are always interested about “the good ole days.”  They wonder, what were things like when I was born?  You can capitalize on this in a unique way, by using the site www.papermags.com.  The site has actual magazines from all the way back to the 1930’s. 

You can even tailor the magazine to what you know about the person’s interests, because the magazines run the gambit…

  • Life Magazine
  • Fortune Magazine
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Time
  • Women’s magazines
  • Car magazines
  • Music magazines
  • Etc.

Now simply attach a handwritten note with a personal message… with a p.s. about wanting to speak to them for just a couple of minutes. 

Here’s an example:

Hi John!  I see from some of your posts that you enjoy classic cars as much as I do.  They just don’t make them like they used to.  I thought you might enjoy this Muscle Cars issue from when you were in high school!

Stay Fast,
Mike Advisor

p.s.  Think you could spare 10-minutes on the phone because I have a quick idea that could inject a little more oomph into your “car” account, to buy that Corvette you have your eye on.

Many times, they will reach out to you to thank you… but almost always, they’ll take your call.

About Mike Kaselnak

Michael Kaselnak is considered one of the top marketing and sales experts in the financial services industry. He has personally mentored over 300 financial advisors in the past 10 years. These financial advisors saw their average production increase by 62%. Many saw increases of over 300 percent. He writes articles that have appeared in many mainstream magazines and has written the popular report 300 Financial Headlines that sell.
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