How to Write an Effective Postscript

Studies show that people read the salutation first… and then skip to the bottom and read the p.s.  So it is essential that you write a powerful post script.  Your p.s. should refer to your most bewitching benefit, and your call to action.  You should also handwrite your postscript.  It proves to the reader that this is truly a one of a kind and not mass produced. 

Here are 10 things to keep in mind for your postscript (only use one or two to create a great p.s.):

  1. Motivate action.  Tell the reader to act now.
  2. Restate the offer in the letter again… but this time instill urgency
  3. Introduce a bonus if they take action immediately
  4. Talk about an additional benefit you didn’t talk about in the body of the letter
  5. Emphasize why your offer is unique
  6. Mention the financial benefit of them taking action
  7. If you have a guarantee… eliminate any risk they have by working with you
  8. Tell them how many satisfied clients you already have
  9. Mention your phone number or email again
  10. Stress that time is short… the date the offer expires or the reason why waiting can hurt them

There are many ways you can write a postscript.  Experiment and keep track of the ones that prove most effective.

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