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People want their lives to be easier.  They generally don’t like to research; they just want to know how to get things done.  You can easily capitalize on that by utilizing Cheat Sheets as a marketing tool.

Cheat sheets are a concise offer that someone could print, file for future reference, or pass along to someone who might need it.  I’ve seen advisors use many different topic cheat sheets successfully:

  • Annual tax bracket and data sheets
  • Documents that should be saved and those that should be shredded
  • Things to keep in a safety deposit box
  • Things you need for a bullet proof estate plan (it’s amazing to me, how many attorneys don’t talk about digital assets like Facebook and ethical wills)

Here are some things to consider when making your cheat sheets:

  • Be sure to brand them with your logo and contact information
  • Format them so that they are conducive to act as a quick reference
  • Don’t put in too much detail… it is a cheat sheet

If you have the ability, you should create a landing page for your cheat sheet.  It gives you the ability to inform the user of other valuable information you have available for them and will allow you to collect their information, so that you can begin dripping on them.

If you are printing your cheat sheets to give out at expos, seminars or as a “grab” item in your office or some other location, make sure they are a single sheet, are colorful and professional looking.

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