What Do Clients Really Want When It Comes to Their Decision on Whether to Work with You or Not?

In the book Boomer Consumer, by Matt Thornhill and John Martin… they delve deeply into this very question.  It is an excellent read, but one table was particularly helpful. 

The Percentages of Boomers who answered “Very/Somewhat Important” for these attributes:

91%     Get me the information I need

91%     Make it easy for me to get additional information

91%     Be believable

87%     Make your information easy to follow and read

85%     Be enjoyable

84%     Increase my interest in your product or service

82%     Understand my needs

73%     Show me how it will benefit my lifestyle

73%     Specialize in people just like me

19%     Target people younger than me

The big take away here is you need to focus on a target market and not have a practice that caters to everybody.  If you specialize in just retirees for instance, you will find it much easier to hit the vast majority of attributes Boomers are looking for. 

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