Fun Way to Find More Business and Bring on More Clients

As we near summer, many of us tend to take our foot off the gas in our business… and spend more quality time with our families and having fun.  BUT… why not do both?  Your clients would love to meet your spouse and kids.  When they do, they feel like your family… is their family.  This, in turn makes them want you to be more successful which means more referrals.

An inexpensive, fun way to accomplish this bonding experience is to have a summer barbecue for your clients, their families, and their friends.  I did one every summer and had over 80% attendance. The new money it generated paid for the barbecue 3 times to one. 

If this sounds like a good idea to you… I’ve laid out exactly how to do it and how to leverage it into more business for you. 

You can find it here: BBQ Client Appreciation “How-To” video, Event manual and invite.

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