Start With a Bang!

What if you could get a client to move ALL of their money to you at the first meeting?  They agree to move it before you have even done a lick of work for them… before you even show them what you are recommending.  Would that help you close more business?

Of course, it would! Ghosting after the first meeting would no longer happen and your sales cycle would shorten significantly.  Well, I created a first meeting script over 20 years ago that does just that. 

I know of over a dozen advisors that make over a million a year that use this script religiously.  I know there are many more because it is one of my most ripped off scripts and has been presented at some of the biggest FMO’s, by their biggest producers. Well, for the first time I am making it public for everyone to use.  You can find it here on a Coaching Call I did for my advisor clients last month.

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