These Numbers Can Make or Break Your Marketing and Your Business

At the beginning of every year, we have high expectations for our prospects in growing our business.  If you’d like to change it from expectations to reality, you must know your numbers.  What is your ROI in all that you do?

More importantly, what is your ROI on your marketing dollars?  If you do not know what IS… and what is or is NOT working… it is difficult to run a profitable practice. 

Here are some numbers you should be tracking:

  • Responses to offers
  • Leads added to your warm list
  • Prospects-in-progress (long-term leads)
  • Stages of all the deals you have in your pipeline
  • The number of deals you closed last year
  • The income you generated per deal last year
  • Your income goal for this year
  • How many deals you need to close this year to hit that goal
  • How much marketing you need to do based on your results from last year’s marketing to get you in front of that many deals

Track your numbers and you will both save money… and boost your income.

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