Getting a One-Legger to Bring in Their Spouse

We’ve all been there… A prospect arrives in our office without their spouse. They claim they are the decision-maker, and what they say goes. So, we believe them. We spend hours helping them improve their financial situation. Yay!  We have a new client because they love us!

Nope.  They may love us, but they say they have to run it by their spouse. Wait a minute!?!? I thought they said that they were the decision-maker! Nope.  They just enjoyed milking us for all of our information, and the spouse that never showed up puts the kibosh on moving the assets.

Sound familiar?  If it does, take a look at this 45-minute master class on how to get a one-legger to TELL YOU why they need to bring their spouse into the process before you can start working. The script for getting someone who arrives without their spouse to insist on bringing them next time begins around six minutes into the video in this link.

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