This IS the Best Way to Bring on Clients… and it costs virtually nothing

What if you could duplicate your best clients by the dozen? We all know referrals are the best way to bring on new clients. But we’ve all tried to bring in referrals, and they trickle in at best. So, what if you could bring in 30 new referrals like clockwork, each and every year? What would your business look like 3 years from now?

This step-by-step client advisory system I created does just that.

It creates 7 or 8 referrals per quarter. This is the absolute best way to grow your practice, if you are willing to put in the work. What do I mean by “work”? Well, you have to:

  • Choose the clients you want to duplicate.
  • Learn the meeting script that gets them to buy in.
  • Fulfill the logistics of conducting the meeting.

This system costs nothing to do other than coffee, juice, and donuts. Yet, I find that many advisors are still unwilling to put in the little bit of work necessary to grow their business this way. What do you tell someone who complains about our country’s politics, but refuses to vote? Well, if you are complaining about how difficult it is to find new clients or referrals and you won’t put in the time and effort to make this system work for you… well….

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