Want to Sell More IUL to Boost Your Profits this Year?

Have you ever explored a unique product that will surprise your client and boost your profit margins?  Try Indexed Universal Life Insurance.  It has unique properties that clients love… but, more importantly, have never heard of… and that is a terrific way to get prospects’ attention.

In the video link below, I walk you through a simple, quick, and effective IUL presentation.  I also cover a piece of software that basically sells IUL for you (I get no kickback from the company, but I will tell you, I personally bought IUL for myself after a ½ hour walkthrough of the software with my current situation). It is powerful and at least worth a look.

The information covering IUL starts at 12:14 into the video: https://vimeo.com/816249780
* Please note, since the filming of this video, the software URL has changed. For more information, visit www.IULCalculatorPro.com.

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