One and Done Can Be Your Ticket to Successful Marketing

You could financially improve the lives of virtually anyone who walked through your doors.  But how do you get them in?  How do you get them to respond to your marketing?  Well, the first step is to figure out why they won’t respond to your marketing.  What are they afraid of?

Think about why you don’t want to go to that free weekend at a plush resort… your only cost is sitting down with the time-share salesperson.  99% of people turn down that offer.  Why?  Because they don’t want to be pressured into buying something.

Now I know you aren’t going to pressure someone who comes to see you, but they don’t know that.  In fact, in their minds, they are certain you are going to pressure them.  So, how do you communicate that you will not pressure them?

One experiment that has been extremely successful is the one-and-done offer.  Find something simple AND FINITE that you can help people with.  The offer should make it completely clear that this is a one-time meeting… to get this ONE thing done… and there will be no follow-up beyond it.

I created a referral system for my coaching clients in 2016 using this very concept.  I created a 7-document walkthrough that they could give to their clients.  Then, after the clients discovered the value of it… my advisors offered to go through the exact same documents with their friends and family at a one-and-done, ½ hour meeting. 

It works unbelievably well.  The advisors that use this concept average one referral for every 3 clients they have in their books.  100 clients… 30 referrals.  Not bad, right?

BUT… those referrals are only for one-and-done, ½ hour meetings… so where does the new business come from?  Ha!  Well, after the advisor has completed the ½ hour meeting (and given awesome value that the new prospect is blown away by), want to guess what they ask?  They ask… “What else do you do?” 

The advisor has just been invited to discuss all the other financial help they can offer. 

So, sit down and figure out a simple, value-added item you could offer that could be done in one meeting.  Then, get that offer out there with the emphasis that there will be no pressure or follow-up (unless they ask you at the end).

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