Leverage Controversy to Create More Business

How do you get attention in today’s crowded environment?  The average American is bombarded with over 3,000 messages a day via TV, the internet, billboards, radio, etc.  How do you make your message heard?  Say something CONTROVERSIAL!

Even better, say something controversial that people will love!  A great example of that is when you should start drawing Social Security.  People want that money now, but they are being told by their advisors, experts, and the media that they should wait.  Nobody really wants to wait, so they would love to hear a reason why they should draw early.

There are lots of reasons to do so.  I listed a few I have heard of in one of my coaching calls:  https://vimeo.com/782611927, I begin talking about this subject at 7:07.

So, what if your marketing and PR revolved around it?  Would you sound like everyone else or different?  Would most people LOVE to hear why they should draw early?  Yes, they would!  Would your local news sources love to bring their viewers something they’d love to hear?  Yes, they would.  If you don’t agree with this controversy, come up with your own… but if you want to cut through the clutter, you must stop sounding like everyone else!

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