3 Ways to Create a Positive Sales Experience… that work for Marketing as Well

New sales research from this year gives us a window into what clients want from us.

69% – Want us to listen to their needs

61% – Tell us NOT to be pushy

61% – Want us to provide relevant information

I think we all know how to incorporate these things into our sales process, but how do you use these things clients want in your marketing?

First and foremost, if you want to have a successful marketing campaign you must know your target market, backwards and forwards.  You need to know EXACTLY what the need, but more importantly… what they desire.  How do you find out?  Well, most importantly, listen to your own clients and prospects. Then, conduct your own research… or find other research that has already done it for you.

“Don’t be pushy” and “Give me Relevant Information” go hand-in-hand, when it comes to marketing.  If you want to be believed in the skeptical world we live in today… you must first give valuable information that people can use even before they meet with you.  They will NOT respond to promises of help… you must GIVE them help first… then your additional promises of help will hold more water.

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