If You Build It, They Will Come

One of my favorite movie quotes from Field of Dreams.  It applies to so much in life… including our business life.  So, what do you need to build for clients to come to you?  Value.  But here’s the kicker… you must provide value BEFORE they even meet you and especially before they do business with you.  Value builds trust.

When I was shopping for a home security system, I invited two different companies to come quote it for me.  The first salesman was highly professional… had beautiful brochures… and gave a stellar presentation.

The second was 10 minutes late… but when she arrived, she explained she was late because she needed to stop to get some supplies and she opened her hand and showed them to me.  In her hand was a handful of mechanical restraints for windows, to prevent bad actors from entering my home unwanted.  She walked with me around my house and showed me where to put them to get the most protection and then handed them to me.  Remember, this is BEFORE the presentation.  We then sat down, and she did her presentation.  It was good, but not nearly as smooth or professional as the first salesman.

Who do you think I went with?  The second, because she provided value right up front.

So, what value do you provide before the sale?  You need to have free resources that give people information that will make their lives better BEFORE they even work with you.  These could be “How-To” videos… checklists… a helpful resource guide, etc. 

Once you have these, you need to put them front and center on your website.  Remember, people are only interested in their problems and needs… NOT in your need to feel important.  Too many advisors spend too much time trying to brag about themselves on their website.  People don’t care about you and your ego… they want to know, is there anything here that I need?  Anything that will make my life better? 

Your fancy mission statements, and three letter designations aren’t going to make their lives better.  Free resources will.  The value you provide is the fuel to get people into your office.

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