Is Your Marketing Missing the One Thing Retirees Love More than Anything?

What is that thing that retirees love?  Their grandkids!  And on average they spend $2,500 a year on them!  They buy toys… take them on vacation… help with tuition.  And remember, that $2,500 is on average.  That means the affluent likely is spending much more than that.

So, what are you offering to retirees, who are grandparents, that would make them want to speak with you?  Funding future college?  Seeing how an IUL could provide tax free income for their grandkids for life?  There are many, many ways you can help someone create a legacy for themselves through their grandkids.

But if you try to approach them with these ideas through typical marketing or with a blunt pitch… you are going to get ignored.  How then can you get their attention and trust so that you can begin the conversation with a caring vs. sales angle?

Here are some ideas:

  • Rent a movie theater to show a kid friendly movie and invite all your client’s who are grandparents or have them bring THEIR parents (the previous generation), who are your client’s kid’s grandparents.  With theaters struggling, you’d be surprised how cheaply you can do this!
  • Have a bounce house party!  There are many inflatable entities that cater to bounce parties.
  • Offer a special report like this one

What you want to do is make sure that you connect with grandparents in a caring way… BEFORE you bring up the financial.  When you do this, it will create a conversation where you are being helpful, not greedy.

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