These Little Things Will Get You New Clients

Are people skeptical?  Do they ever trust us right out of the gate?  No.

We are in a Catch 22.  They won’t work us until we can show that we care… but we can’t show that we care until they work with us.  This is a failure loop.

The only way out of this loop is to provide value BEFORE you talk about their money.  I you go out on first date with someone and all you talk about is sex… what do they know about you?  If all of your first conversations with prospective clients are about their money… what do they know about you?  You just want to get at their money.  At least that’s what they think in their minds.

How do you get around this distrust?  How can you provide value up front?  Give them information they can use right now!

  • Do timely videos on what is going on with the economy
  • Send out a checklist that tells them: 1) What they should keep in their files 2) How long to keep those documents and 3) Suggest they should shred anything else
    • Better yet, rent a shredding truck and do a community shredding event
  • Offer to help people decide whether it is better to lease a car, take out a loan or buy outright.  This is confusing to almost everyone and they don’t trust the car salespeople.
  • Offer a Legacy Letter workshop at your place of worship— A Legacy Letter is a way for you to share your values, life lessons, cherished memories, hopes for your family’s future, and anything else that is really important to you. This isn’t a will, so you won’t be assigning any of your assets.  Here’s a guide to help you and your clients get started with that

There are many other ways you can do this but in today’s distrustful environment… always think about providing value in your marketing… long before you try to get them to commit to an appointment.

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