I Object!  To the old, tired, and tremendously damaging way we’ve been taught to overcome objections

If you have ever received sales training, you will be familiar with the classic formula to overcome objections:

  1. Listen and hear them out (this is a great thing to do!)
  2. Put in a softening statement—feel, felt, found.  I understand how you feel… many of my clients felt this way (STOP!!! This is a HORRIBLE thing to do.  People are on to this BS.  They see you coming from a mile away and will doubly prepared themselves for whatever you say next.
  3. Question them to isolate the objection… “What is it about ______ that makes say that?
  4. WRONG!  They know the only reason you are asking these questions is to back them into a corner and try to force them to buy.
  5. Answer the objection
  6. If you try and answer their objections, they know the only reason you are doing so is to sell them something… and they will fight you!
  7. Confirm your answer… “Does that make sense to you Mr. Client”
  8. They don’t want to argue so they say, yes.  But then you find out in the end that yes was not really a yes… but instead just a word to shut you up.
  9. Ask for the deal – NOPE!  When you ask, they’ll say yes to get out of your office… and then they’ll leave a message on your voice mail, after hours, to cancel the deal.

So, if those things don’t work… what does?

I’m offering you, never before access, to some of our 5Q sales training absolutely for free.  You can access 150 minutes of video training walking you through a process that not only overcomes 100% of objections… no matter what they are… it will also turn the normally high stress objection situation… into a RAPPORT building tool! 

You can access those trainings here:

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