See, Hear and Feel the Profits Roll In

How do you, me and other people process information?  50% process based on what we see… 38% primarily on what we feel… and just 7% on what we hear.  So, how do you capitalize on this?

You want to use descriptive and vivid language (or better yet, pictures) to capture the visual learners.  Use sound-related language for the auditory folks.  An example of this would be— “like hearing the crash of coins from a jackpot on the slot machine”.  For people who relate best to feeling you need to use tactile language— “Have you ever reached into the pocket of some pants you haven’t worn for months, and you feel a dollar in your pocket… and then you pull it out and it’s a 20-dollar bill?”

You’ll want to tap into all these senses in your marketing with the heaviest emphasis on the sight related language and pictures.  If you do, you will be much more effective in your marketing.  By using stories that tap into all the senses, you can leverage the 3 rules of advertising and presenting:

  1. Get their attention
  2. Communicate your main point simply and effectively
  3. Persuade the audience to think, feel, or act differently

Do this and you will be getting the biggest bang for the buck on all your marketing and presentations.

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