4 Traits found in Retired Boomers… Are you tapping into them?

Ken Dychtwald of Agewave, who many believe to be the world’s foremost expert on Boomer Retirees says Boomers have four traits: idealism, anti-authoritarianism, eagerness to embrace change and self-improvement.  How many of these are you leveraging in your practice and marketing?

Are you saying your products and services are right for all retirees?  If so, big mistake.  Boomers think… I’m not everybody!  I’m ME!  I’m special. 

Instead of saying you work with retirees, talk about the types of people who you have worked with successfully.  Describe them in detail or better yet, tell a story.  If you can paint a picture in your potential client’s mind of the type of investor with whom you’ve had success… they can then decide for themselves if you’ve described something that applies to them.

Keep in mind with Boomers… they are always thinking, “You aren’t the boss of me!”  They want to feel as if they are making their own decisions and not being sold something.

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