Hmmm… Time for a Second Opinion

Looking for a great appointment getting idea?  Try this with your warm list.  Begin your letter speaking about the need for a second opinion.  Here’s some different ways you could do that:

  • Mary, you might be doing just fine but… if you only listen to one person… and that person makes their living off you, wouldn’t it make some sense to at least get one more opinion?
  • Mary, you may be doing just fine… but when the person you work with makes their living by selling you investments, wouldn’t it make sense to get a second opinion?
  • I’m sure your advisor told you about all the advantages of [what you invested in] with them… but did you hear any disadvantages?  Is there really such a thing as a perfect investment?  We’ve never heard of one, and we are looking all the time 😊.  Maybe it’s time to have just one other opinion to make sure what you are doing is the absolute best for you?
  • If you ask an advisor this one question… and they can’t answer it… RUN AWAY!  The question is, “Can you please tell me about the company Long Term Capital Management, and what lesson you took from their experience?”

Now, offer a free blood pressure monitor (you can get a decent one for less than $30) for anyone that comes in for an appointment.  Use the blurb, “To be Healthy and Wealthy… a 2nd opinion is always a must.”

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