How to Get People to Pay Attention to Your Marketing

You are wasting money on your marketing unless people actually pay attention to it.  It doesn’t matter whether it is online, on the radio, or by direct mail.  People in the U.S. today are hit with thousands of marketing messages each day.  So, how do you cut through the clutter? 

You have to grab their attention and interest.  There are many ways you can attempt to do this, but the easiest way is by using surprising and thought-provoking statistics. 

Leverage the fact that people are really interested in themselves… how they compare to others… are they better or worse… what do other people who like them think, etc.

How can you do this?  First, decide on the subject manner.  Are you interested in attracting retirees?  Tax clients? Doctors? Divorcees? Whatever.

Then simply Google—Interesting statistics about ______.

Here’s one of the lists that came up:

March 30th is National Doctors Day, since 1933 a day to recognize and appreciate doctors. Here are 10 surprising facts you might not know about doctors.

  1. The average doctor has 40,000 hours of training.
  2. There are about 1,062,205 doctors in the United States.
  3. 65% of those doctors are male.
  4. However, there are more female pediatricians than male pediatricians.
  5. Experts predict that by 2030 the United States will have 122,000 unfilled jobs for doctors.
  6. There are 26 officially approved medical specialties. However, there are many more sub-specialties.
  7. The average age for graduation from medical school is 28. 
  8. The age group with the largest number of practicing doctors in the U.S. is 55-64.
  9. U.S. doctors support a wide range of other workers across the country. The total wages of those doctor-supported jobs? More than one trillion dollars per year.
  10. Most popular car brand among American doctors: Toyota.

I guarantee you that if you send a marketing piece to doctors leveraging some of these statistics in the form of questions or a quiz, most are going to read it out of curiosity.  Once they begin reading, you have now overcome the biggest obstacle that marketing has today… not being ignored! 

Now, if you have a truly interesting unique selling proposition for the demographic you are targeting, they are going to at least see… and contemplate that proposition!

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    Excellent article – with an interesting USP this will work.

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