Simple, No-Cost Way to Bring in New Business

Want one of the cheapest yet most effective ways to brand yourself and increase your business?  Use the thing you do every day… countless times. Use your email signature.

What does your email signature look like?  How are you using it to promote your business effectively?

See if you are doing these 4 things to make your email signature work for you:

  1. Do you use a professional headshot picture next to your name?  Headshots instantly get people’s attention and are proven to create more trust with your reader.  (Remember the key here is PROFESSIONAL headshot.  Use a pro to create the image that illustrates the emotion you want to invoke…. friendly, professional, creative, serious, or whacky.  Whatever fits your overall brand).
  2. This seems like a no-brainer, but make sure ALL your contact information is there… phone, email, links to your website, social media, and physical address.
  3. Make sure your email signature looks professional and consistent. It should not look like you cut and pasted info below your name.  Remember, there are plenty of professionals that can help you with this for a relatively low cost. Think of and other freelance resources.
  4. Consider adding a tagline, motto, or unusual sign off.  Here are the three I used (please create your own that leverage you and your strengths).
    • Tagline: Doing the things other advisors forget to do
    • Motto: You deserve all the benefits you are owed but are not receiving
    • Sign off: Happy Trails

Are you doing all these things?  If not, you are missing a free way to market your business and leverage your brand.  Please take a Friday and lock all these things down, and remember, once you have done the work… these things will work for you going forward!

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3 Responses to Simple, No-Cost Way to Bring in New Business

  1. Craig says:

    Nice info thank you! Mike do you have someone to look at my email signature, website, LinkedIn, etc??

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