Doing 4 Things will Create an Effective Unique Selling Proposition

First, why do you need an effective Unique Selling Proposition? Just as we mentioned in our previous article, you need to cut through the clutter… and a great USP does that.

Here are the 4 characteristics of an effective USP:

  1. When a prospect sees or hears your USP, they must think, “I understand why that would help me.”
  2. Then they must think to themselves, “I want that!” Your offer must include the word “get”, and it should be…
    • Relevant
    • Important
    • Urgent
  3. Your prospect must also conclude “I can’t get it anywhere else but here”. Some things to consider are:
    • A very specific focus on one of your offerings
    • A unique experience that you can give them
    • An exclusive status that you can give them
    • Something they can only get locally
  4. Lastly, they must think, “I believe what this person is saying”. Here are some helpful ways to accomplish this:
    • Quantify your offer. More specificity leads to more believability
    • Give them some verification with 3rd party resources

Creating an effective USP is one of the most valuable tools for building your business. Spend all the time and effort it takes to create one. If you do, your marketing becomes easy. People will continually walk through your door.

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