This Tool Gets Real Activity to Your Website

If you are looking to finally get people seeking and interacting with your website, the best way to do that is to have a retirement calculator available on your website.  You could opt for straight, plain retirement calculator… or better, use a very specific calculator.

A specific calculator could focus on one particular aspect of retirement planning, and that would make YOU the expert in that particular area, driving more people to reach out to you.

Here are some things you could focus on with your calculator:

  • Lifetime income using annuities
  • How healthcare costs could affect retirement
  • How to use home equity as an asset in retirement
  • Loss of one spouse on retirement income
  • Threat of Social Security insolvency on retirement income

There are entities that have calculator widgets you can purchase to place on your website… or, you can hire designers to create a calculator specific for you.  Designing your own can cost you a pretty penny, but it will also allow you to stand out from your competition and drive people to engage with you.

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