Interested in Getting Lucky?

There has been a lot of research done on LUCK.  According to research by the world’s foremost expert on luck (Richard Wiseman)—If you implement these things, people become an average of 40% luckier!

  1. Prepare your mind—Chance favors the prepared mind.  It sounds stupid, but if you believe you are going to be lucky, you have a higher chance of that becoming true.

  2. Make chance work for you—get out of your rut.  Try different things.  If you keep conducting your life as you are now… you should expect the same result.  You need to put yourself out there to allow luck to work its magic.  Think, act, and do differently!

  3. Relax—If you are anxious or stressed, you’ll walk right past golden opportunities.

  4. Get connected—The biggest factor in luck by far, is how many connections you have, how many people you know, how many organizations you belong to. The more connections you have, the luckier you become.

Don’t just think about these things!  That’s what unlucky people do.  Make an action plan to implement these things… and start getting lucky!

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