Fun Way to Get People to Return Your Calls!

Have you ever been in a situation where you keep trying to reach someone and they either don’t answer or don’t return your calls? 

Try tickling their funny bones.  This has been my go-to method a couple times when I absolutely wanted to get in touch with someone. and it works perfectly.

Leave a message like this…

“Hi [Prospect Jim], this is [Advisor Name], and I was trying to get hold of you because… Wait a minute!  I know why he isn’t getting my voicemails!  His phone doesn’t like me and is refusing to pass the message along to [Prospect Jim].  Mr. Phone… I’m sorry if I somehow offended you but I’d really love to talk to your owner.  Could you please have him call me?  I promise to be brief and to the point.  And I won’t tell [Prospect Jim] you’ve been withholding my calls.  It’s between you and me.” 

Then hang up.  This is a fun way to let the prospect know that they are being impolite and not returning calls.

How will things turn out?  Either they will return your call, and you will smile and begin the conversation.  Alternatively, they don’t, which is where you started in the first place and you didn’t have a lot to lose by trying a different approach.

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