Breaking News… Are You Ready?

Timing is everything.  How’s your timing?  If there are events in the news that cause large amounts of money to move quickly.  Do you have a plan to capitalize on them?

Are you prepared to send a postcard or email to all of your current and potential clients when any of the following happens?

  • When the market collapses?
  • When there is a significant interest rate change announced by the Fed?
  • When a significant tax change makes the news?

When the markets dropped drastically, a few of my advisors emailed the roughly 100 people on their warm list.  It was just a simple email that said… “Still trying to find safer places for your money? Give me a call. I’d be happy to share a few ideas.”

One of the advisors brought on 2 new clients from their 100+ emails… cost? Zero.  Profit?  Over $10,000.  The other advisor brought on just one client.  Cost? Zero.  Profit?  $17,150.

Guys and gals… when something breaks in the news, don’t just stand there with your hands in your pockets. Consider how you can benefit from it!

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