You are a Star!  But What Kind of Star?

If I Googled you and your business, would I see Google reviews?  If so, how many… how old… how many stars?  In today’s world, reviews matter.  How much time and effort are you putting toward your reviews and image?

Would you work with an accountant with fifty-seven 5-Star reviews… or one with 12 reviews at 4.3?  If you are like most, you are going to go with the former. 

So, how do you get people to review you?  If you have great service… some people will review.  If you have great service AND reward them… MOST people will review, you.

Six weeks ago, I got an invisible fence for my adorable pooch.  There are five companies that offer invisible dog fencing.  I chose the company with 158 reviews, all 5-Star… even though it was a company I’d never heard of before.

It was a fantastic choice!  They have been fabulous, but I never would have chosen them without the reviews.  I would have gone with best known company.  Funny, the best-known company had less reviews and a lower star rating.

I learned how this smaller company was able to foster such a remarkable review profile. 

  1. At the installation and training on the fence, the people were excellent.  Right before they left, they told us that in a month or so we would receive a request for a review.  If we did do the review… regardless of whether it was a good or bad review… they would send us a 5 year’s supply of batteries for our dog’s invisible fence collar.
  2. The next week we received a call asking how things were going.
  3. Over the next 4 weeks we received a text message each week and a helpful email with value added information each week.
  4. I replied to two of the texts and they got back to me with helpful explanations within an hour.
  5. And then, 5 weeks later we received an email with the request and links for a review (Yelp, Google or Angie) and reminded us that if we reviewed them… regardless of the review… they’d send us the batteries.  We only had to review on one platform.
    1. They even gave me a list of the kinds of things I could mention in the review
  6. I reviewed with a 5-Star, because I truly believed they deserved it… I notified them… and 2 days later I got the batteries in the mail.

Here’s the thing… even though I thought they gave 5-Star service… I never would have taken the time to do it if they hadn’t rewarded me… and made it easy by providing the link.

This is a simple process with stunning results… are you willing to do it with your business?  If you want more people in your office, it is worth the time and effort.

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