Are You Wowing Your Clients to Get Bigger Tickets and More Referrals?

You want more referrals?  You must WOW your clients.  Just keeping them satisfied may keep them as clients, but it isn’t going to get them to refer to you.  You must give them something to brag about.  Something that your competitors are not doing. 

You and your competitors sell the same things and offer the same services… so you must do something outside your normal range of offerings to get their attention.  You must surprise them to get them bragging about you to their friends.

I’ve seen dentists do this by putting TVs on the ceiling and offering foot massages during exams.   Does this make them better dentists?  NO!  But it does get their patients bragging about their dentist visit to their friends!

I’ve seen advisors do this by hiring a mobile car wash service to wash their clients’ cars in the parking lot during their appointments.  Do you want to bet these clients brag about it to their friends? 

Hiring a mobile car washing service is expensive and time consuming… that said, this advisor doesn’t care because he works with the cream of the crop in his town and it more than pays off for him.

But… what can any, and every advisor do to create some semblance of this type of over-the-top customer service?  I’ve created what I call the WOW! Experience that any advisor’s office can put together for their clients and prospects.  It creates that feeling that Norm from Cheers got every time he walked into the bar, and everyone greeted him with, “Norm!”  The best thing… is you can create this terrific experience for you clients for less than a couple of bucks per client.  If you are ready to take your customer experience to the next level (and get your clients bragging about you), download your free step-by-step manual, courtesy of 5Q Group, here.

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