Are You Tapping Into These Affluent Retiree Traits?

Research by the Boomer Project has shown that retirees (Boomers) have 6 dominant traits:

  1. Entitlement
  2. Personal Gratification
  3. Work ethic
  4. Control
  5. Optimism
  6. Won’t accept the status quo

Are you leveraging these traits in your marketing and business?

You can tap into their entitlement by emphasizing benefits that they are owed… but not receiving.  I actually put together a website that uses that concept.  You can check it out, to help you kickstart your own ideas on entitlement. 

You can tap into Personal Gratification with fun events like wine tasting or trips to baseball games.  They want to have fun and feel like they are being pampered (which is what you are doing with the WOW!  Experience we previously talked about.)

When you talk to retirees, emphasize how hard they worked to get where they are… good amount of assets… low debt… and good income stream.  When you do this, you are tapping into a trait that they are extremely proud of… their work ethic.

All your marketing should be emphasizing their need for control.  They have an overriding fear that control of their lives might be taken away from them.  It could be having to change their lifestyle because their money isn’t performing as they thought.  It could be having a health problem that causes them to have to change their living situation.  It could be law or economic changes, like Social Security changes, that makes them realize that how they thought things were going to go isn’t exactly how they go in reality.

That said, Boomers are optimists, so always end your marketing with a positive note… a can-do attitude.

And finally, tap into their need to rebel. That they can make things happen, that they do not need to put up with the status quo… they can do things “their” way. When you tap into these 6 traits, you are going to see your marketing and your practice grow.

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